Decrypting disks


I am trying to backup my dvd’s and have been using dvdshrink however i have found that a few pf my dvd’s won’t work how do i decrypt these disks so i can back them up?

dvdshrink is quite old and isn’t developed anymore. It’s better to use other tools to decrypt the disc, like dvdfabhddecrypter or anydvd.

I would go with Anydvd HD purchased and then use dvdshrink on your dvd movie. Being Anydvd will decrypt the dvd and then dvdshrink will allow you to do as you please with your dvd movie backups.

The first link in my signature could help.

Thanx for your replies, since posting this question i have tried to use (dvd decrypter) and (dvd43) and neither worked, i also have DvdFab HD Decrypter but it did not work either.

DVDFab HD Decrypter should work with most any dvd you can throw at it. You have the latest version?

If you are sure it isn’t working, try the free trial for AnyDVD as advised before. Use the built in ripper in AnyDVD to get the full movie to the hard drive (right click on the fox icon that shows up at the bottom right of your screen to get this option). Then compress the ripped files with DVDShrink if necessary.

Thank you for that info Kerry56 i am currently trying that and it seems to be working.

I have just tried using Anydvd to rip the dvd file to my hard drive how ever it still did not work.

Did it fail to rip? Did you get an error message?

Or does the ripped dvd just not work prorperly?

What is the name of the dvd?