Decrypting Blood Diamond Movie

I am trying to do a back up for the movie Blood Diamond… Has any one encountered any problems with dvdfab decoding the movie and putting it in a temp file? Dvdfab has spent already 35 minutes in decoding and storing into the temp file and is till decoding. Looks like its going to take up to an hour something to do this when dvdfab has never taken this long…
Can any one provide advice on this!

Thanking you in advance

I did this one earlier this week and I think I remember it being a little slow but nothing like an hour. Make sure the drive where the temp file is located has plenty (>10GB) of free space and has been defragmented recently. You might also try the “Reset DMA” button in Common Settings.


I had unistalled the secondary driver and re-installed, have space available and it took two hours to read it or copy it into the temp file. I did it doing the split(spliting the movie into tw discs) I had never had this problem.
Could it be there is a problem with the split process of dvdfab?
Please let me know