Decrypting and cladDVD .NET



Does anyone else here use cladDVD .NET?
I notice on these forums only DVD Decrypter and SmartRipper are used. cladDVD .NET is a great, fast, easy to use, nice to look at, program. It also has DVD2AVI built in so you can create a d2v that can be used in programs like VirtualDub or TMPGEnc.
No, I do not have any affiliation with any of these programs.


I use to use CladDVD couple of years back but Smartripper out ripped it for features. Now that DVD Decrypter can make and burn ISO’s then its the flavour of the month. Creating a Chapter file, being able to demux the VOB files etc., etc are the needs of those backing up their DVD’s. Creating d2v files is of little use for those making DVDR’s.

CladDVD use to always do a good job in general ripping to HD, but why use 2 different rippers when DVD Decrypter does it ALL.


No, you’re not alone. I’m the only other person on the net (well two, counting one of my friends) who uses CladDVD, now in .NET flavor. Personally, I used file mode to rip the main movie + IFO file so I can do the sub, but not the built-in DVD2AVI frameserve feature 'cause I prefer doing it separately.

If you’re planning on doing straight DVD to DivX conversion, cladDVD is hands down the easiest. But since everybody wants to make a “perfect copy” on DVDR, they use SmartRipper and DVD Decrypter. I do use the latter once a blue moon for that rare DVD that cladDVD can’t rip…


I have tried to use my claddvd today and found that it wants updating but I dont seam to be able to get the web page can anyone help. I too like to use claddvd rather than new ones