When I use decrypter to read or write games or movies,the speed will max out at 2x in read or write mode.I have reinstalled decrypter and am using 8x Ty media.Any ideas on whats going on???This started about a week ago.

Is DMA enabled and what drive are you usin?
Also you can set the read speed in dvddecrypter in the option device.

Dma is enabled and have a Plextor 740 drive.

Try to defrag your hdd and have a look in the read settings of decrypter, sometimes the read speed also depends on the disc condition and for burning i’d try the same media with another app to see what happens if you select 8x burning for example.

In addition to the DMA settings, check the following:

In Decrypter, go to Tools, Settings, and click on the Device tab. There is an option to set the read speed (should be MAX for fastest posible). Further, you should place a check in the box labeled “Enable SpeedRead DVD (Plextor Drives)”. That should boost your read speeds.

Drives are locked for movies to 2x; mine required a firmware flash to undo this ‘feature’.