Decrypter w/ 1Click

I feel I can talk more freely here, so I ask;
How do you feel about “them/him” pushing the DVD43 decrypter?
Sure it may be good for the moment, but what about two weeks from now when the decryption is a bit stiffer and DVD43 hasn’t been updated and it can’t pick it up. (but then again, only the future will tell) Meanwhile AnyDVD is as always updating continuously to stay ahead of the game.
Just looking for opinions,

The encryption on all dvd’s is CSS and all decrypters can remove this without any trouble whatsoever.

The things that cause the problems is the ‘BAD SECTORS’ and the Movie company messing about with the file structure.

1click has been updated to be able to handle all these problems now with the latest version so it does not matter what decrypter you are using, as long as it can remove the CSS.

I suspect I maybe one of ‘THEM’ so I will leave my post at that :slight_smile:

Bubbles, this wasn’t a dig at anybody perticular. It is merely my way of looking at things. For the longest of time we have steared people away from DVD43.
Being a “Mod” on the other board, you have handled things extremely well.


I’m just a member like you no MOD titles for me, thankfully :bigsmile:

I also use AnyDVD and don’t intend to stop using it. But I just felt that we needed to test this product so that we knew it would work. There will be members who don’t want to spend anymore money once they have bought 1click .

I think it all boils down to the cost of 1-Click. If you add in the cost of Anydvd it is more expensive than the competition, so thats why they want to ‘push’ dvd43. I bought anydvd so I will be sticking with it, but as they keep saying with the latest version of 1-Click and dvd43 we should have no problems, Bubbles and the rest have tested them together and agree with their promise that it works. It will be interesting to see who updates their software fastest when any new DVD authoring comes in, Slysoft or LGi. LGi have set themselves up for a head to head competition and they will have to be VERY quick if they are to beat Slysoft to it.
My only concern has been ‘their’ attitude to the other forums members scepticism of dvd43 based on passed history. I recognise that this should not now be a problem but ‘they’ have to let everyone build up the trust in dvd43 which has been eroded over and over again rather than having a go at members.

Thanks Alex and John, your replies help in the understanding as to why things are as they are.

I think John has hit the nail on the head though, I believe it all boils down to a money issue. With 1Click Pro being $99 by itself then with the addition of a free decrypter. Or even 1Click Reg. being $59 by itself. To where CloneDVD2 combined with AnyDVD is only $59.

I understand where everyone else is coming from and I do believe that the almight dollar has alot to do with this, but look at from the technology side of things. If Gregory really has come up with a way of defeating the bad sector protection, I do not see the harm in giving this new CPRx technology a chance. I was happy with VHS until I saw a DVD, had I not been openminded I would be in the past. As much as I like the combination of Clone2DVD and AnyDVD it still is not perfect, I have had many movies that OneClick can do better and visa-versa. I think that we should be openminded about this and we might just be very surprised to the upside.

Alan I fully agree with you and I think we must give it a fair go, with dvd43 in its new guise we have two decryptors that work with 1-click

Actually 3 that work with 1-click if you include DVDFAB decrypter (free).

I’m glad for the 'new direction’
I’m also glad that DVD43 is now a more viable option .
I was never really comfortable in the so-called role
of feeling like an “AnyDVD salesperson” anyway ,
( has anyone ever asked you about your commission ? :eek: )
which of course was never the case - DVD43 just didn’t work

I , myself , will not be using DVD43
I won’t try it , install it or recommend it .
IF it works for you - GREAT !!

Let’s not forget all the OTHER problems DVD43 has caused in the past .
It was hard enough to remove the first time — not ever again .
There was more to it than simply failing as a decrypter .

If Gregory indeed gives us the option to disable the CPRx within 1Click :
This will give me many options - when using AnyDVD .

  1. You may use both AnyDVD’s and 1Click’s error correction - together

  2. You may use 1Click’s error correction - alone

  3. You may use AnyDVD’s error correction - alone

  4. You may use - any combination as stated above
    when using the AnyDVD"RIPPER"

With AnyDVD you may also confidently use
your other burning software.
With DVD43 ?.. When using Sonic ? Nero ? Roxio ?
… Good Luck

It’s All about the options ,
and the “Jump to Menu”/“Jump to Movie” :cool:

DVD43 only gives you one option .
Why would you limit yourself to only one option ?

Again , Money Well Spent !

I do applaud you “guys” for re trying the DVD43 scenario .
Don’t get me wrong …I really do .
…there is just no comparison here .

As I’ve said , this is a welcome change , for me
It definitely sets LGSI up above …

but again , as always …

In [color=navy]AnyDVD I Trust[/color] .



I am with you, I did install the new DVD43 and it does work with 1Click just fine, but you are correct, AnyDvd works with all copy software and has never let me down either. I have now uninstalled DVD43 and will stay with Slysoft until (forever). :iagree:

Thanks people, I thought I was alone on this front.
I also will not use DVD43, as the old saying goes “fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me”. AnyDVD is bought and paid for and has worked flawlessly for me ever since I started using it. And I will continue to do so.

Well it had to happen I suppose LG takes over the Dvdrextreme forum. Having seen how upset they got when talk of anydvd being a better decryptor than dvd43 raised its head again, I guessed it was just a matter of time, especially with the advent of Jamie (LG employee) as a moderator. Talk of having to remove some threads etc. etc. Ah well it was good while it lasted. Anybody fancy starting another forum??

I think they will lose a lot of good and respected members [IMO] :sad: :sad:

Well, that could very well be true, so I guess we will have to create our own “good will” atmosphere here. :iagree:

I have a feeling you are right Bubbles and vkeiser, only fly in the ointment so to speak could be the moderators of this part of the forum, a couple of whom look very familiar.

hello keiser

good to see you get around as well :bigsmile:

Welcome to the “freak” side of things.

I suspect that dvdrextreme under it’s new ownership not management as that has not changed… will soon disapear from the net all together! With the new stated rules it becomes a useless tool for those that gave so much to this software and therefore a poor learning environment for any new members seeking help!

What I don’t understand is how Gregory for the past about 3 weeks was shoving DVD43 down everyones throat and now he buys the site and changes all the rules???

How many personalities does this guy have?

Of course, I am not in the loop but there may be more going on here than we know!

  1. Maybe they feel without the changes the MPAA will come after them.
  2. Maybe he and the dvd43 decrypter guy have come to some kind of arrangement!
  3. Maybe just maybe it will eventually all work out and we will have a better product and forum.

Of course I could come from outerspace too :eek:

Really I don’t know enough about it to really make too many comments, but when I was really new to this I needed all the help I could get with the software and decrypter. If half of that help goes away, what good is the other half. I would not have wanted to search all over the web, for the help I needed. Especially if I had only 3 burns to try and figure it out before I puchased it.

Of course, maybe they will try and do like Slysoft does and just put links on there software site to cdfreaks and afterdawn. :bigsmile:

I guess that would be illegal as well.

Maybe he should relocate to Antigua.