Decrypter - verify backup after burning?

I’m sure I’ve seen a similar topic somewhere but I can’t locate it anymore.

What’s the best and quickest way to verify a backup disc after burning it ? Decrypter has its own verify option but how reliable is it ? What about doing a ISO read of the newly burned backup disc with Decrypter, if it completes without any read errors you think that’s confirmation enough that everything’s ok with the backup ? Maybe this is a dumb question and doing that is basically the same as using the verify option ?

Any specific software or routine you guys use to verify your backups ? Short of copying a data backup all back to the hard drive ? :wink:

Use good quality discs & use tried & true methods - then you won’t need to verify. I just test all my backups in my DVD player - sweeeet!

When you say test, you mean actually watching them ? That’s not exactly a practical option, well not for me anyway due to time constraints and a large number of discs. Other than that I wouldn’t consider not verifying my backups at all.

At the moment I just use the built in verify option in Decrypter, but I think I read something, somewhere about safe and efficient ways to verify a burned disc.

Use 4x speed and good media. You can quickly test the burned DVD(s) with Nero DVD Speed. You’re looking for a read curve that is smooth with no big speed fluctuation.

No, what I meant by test was, pop it in your player & make sure it starts playing. Test out any menus by making a few selections. Play movie & skip thru as desired. This takes about 5 mins.

LOL, but that wouldn’t really provide me with any kind of guarantee that the disc doesn’t have bad sectors on it, would it ?

you can try using nero cd/dvd speed’s scan disc and/or disc quality test to test your discs.

Thanks, will keep using built in verify option in burner software and I’ll definitely check out Nero DVD Speed. :slight_smile: