Decrypter .ISO File To Imgburn DVD-R DL

Using the latest versions of both DVD Decrypter and Imgburn to burn a DVD-R DL DVD. I’ve burned lots of DVD+R DL with minimal problems, but when I try to burn a .ISO file created with DVD Decrypter to a DVD-R DL (with Imgburn), I get an error message that I can’t do this in DAO mode. I tried changing it to Incremental in the settings, but it keeps giving the error message about DAO mode.

I am using Verbatim DVD-R DL disks, Lite On SHW-160P6S drive, XP Pro.

Everything works fine with DVD+R DL Disks, except my Sony DVD changer doesn’t like some of them, so I thought I would try burning to DVD-R DL.

Anyone with any suggestions? I would appreciate any assistance.


Use SAO.

When burning the DL+R, see if Imgburn lets you change the booksetting. Click on the icon all the way to the speed and see if it lets you change it to dvd-rom.

Where in Imgburn do I change to SAO? Is that the same as “incremental”?


No, it’s not. Set it in the prefs.

-R DL has not booktype support, BTW.

Can’t see any option to set SAO in ImgBurn. It’s there in DVD Decrypter though.


I had a problem with 4x DL DVD-R as well. Made quite a few coasters. My answer; I went back to DL DVD+R and all my problems went away.


SAO and DAO are the same thing really. I just changed the name between DVD Decrypter and ImgBurn because DAO fits in with what the MMC specs say.

The SAO name is more for CD’s than DVD’s.

The message you’re getting is due to the DVD-R DL format not supporting layerbreak positioning.
Pre ImgBurn I always assumed ‘Layer Jump Recording’ could get around that limitation, but it can’t.
The message was changed in after I fully implemented LJR and found out it wasn’t what I thought it was.

Just out of interest, what is ‘SAO’ an abbreviation of?

ISO - At - Once?

TAO = Track at once
SAO = Session at once
DAO = Disc at once


Thanks for the ( -R DL ) info. It’s never too late to learn something new.

So I guess there’s no way to burn -R DL? Is there a way to tell it where to make the layer change, if it can’t do it automatically?


You can burn them just fine - BUT the layerbreak position will not be preserved.

There is no way to tell DVD-R DL where to shift the layerbreak LBA to. The format just doesn’t appear to support it.

I believe PgcEdit can be used to build an ISO and apply the correct amount of padding so that the file containing the layerbreak cell is aligned properly with the fixed layerbreak LBA address.

So re ImgBurn-the error message about DL in DAO mode will always come up with DVD-R DL media despite any ImgBurn settings or even if the ISO was made with the latest version of PgcEdit?

Has anyone manages to get -R DL to work with any software?

My experience
LiteOn SHW-16H5S MPEG2 2hrs clip–> Tsunami DVD Author 1.6–> PgcEdit V7 + DVD-R DL with layer break criteria setup–> ImgBurn 1.3= produces a DVD that works fine with PowerDVD , but on my standalone DVD player and on PC with Powercinema cannot advance beyond the layer break and locks up.

Is there any future for DVD-R DL if it cannot be played on most players once the video extends beyond the layer break?

DVD+R DL burnt with hardware that can change booktype to DVD-ROM is the way I am going until someone can lead me out of the DVD-R DL mire.

For video content +R DL is the better way, anyway.