Decrypted dvd backups won't run



I am trying to back up some of my dvds and this my first experience in doing so

I have: 1. ripped using the newest “dvd decrypter” and then put the files on my hard drive

  1. used Nero recode 2 (again, the newset).

  2. I have a brand new Plextor716UF. the decrypted dvd files will play on the plextor and the other dvd player on my Dell 4600C, but will not play on my Panasonic PV 9451
    dvd player which is only 2 years old. I am obviously doing somenting wrong in the process.

The manual for the Panasonic says it support MPEG2; is the fact that Nero is doing MPEG4 the cause of this? If it is what should I be using? I also have Roxio software that was bundled with the new Plextor.

Could someone please help, I’ve been trying this for about a week.


if you’re using DVD+R media, you will probably need to set the booktype (bitsetting) to DVD-ROM in order to play in a 2 yr old stand-alone DVD player. if you don’t know how to set the booktype, do a search in the Plextor forum for “bitsetting” or “booktype”.


thank you so very,very much this has really been frustrating and I’ve sure already learned a lot from all of you on this site. I will try your suggestion.


no problem. give it a shot and let us know if it solved your problem. if not, im sure the collective mind here at CDF can help you resolve your situation.


Edd try this
Download DVDshrink it’s free( Download version 3.17 not the new version, its very slow. After you run decriptor, close it and open dvd shrink and run full backup showing it the files decriptor just finished and selecting another new folder. DvdShrink will reduce the movie to fit on one 4.7 DVD single layer disc. If you have nero installed it will automatically launch nero to write your disc. If nero is recoding your files to MPEG4 this is probably your problem. Settop players are just now coming on the market to play MPeg4. Regular movies on DVD are MPEG2 :smiley:


@Dominator2 dvd shrink 3.2 mite be slower that earler versions, but that is because the new one has quality enhancments which give far better backups.


Nero can copy a dvd to mpeg2 (normal dvd) or to mpeg4 (nero digital). When you open the smart start menu, you are looking for the icon that says “copy entire dvd-video”. That should start recode in the right mode to make a normal copy.


Sorry Acko but I don’t see the picture quality increase in 3.2 for the increased time. I’ve run both on my settop player and digital TV and I can’t see any difference if there is any. The backup from 3.17 looks as good as the original


i updated to version 3.2 and set shrink to the best quality settings and it takes about 1 hour longer to shrink a full DL DVD 8GB+, and i realy notice the difference in a film when its a foggy/smokey picture. ie old version get some pixelation compared to new version less pixelation. its not a huge difference but maybe i`am just to fussy :slight_smile: .

i tried it on my retail pirates of the carribean, and there is a difference.


I tried to change the bitsetting as per drpion’s suggestion last night, but the path start>control panel>system>hardware didn’t get me to a place where I can make that change. Could someone please tell me how to access this.


I am just curious but does everyone that backs up DVD’s, Back up the whole DVD?

I usually just cut the movie out and back up the movie, I don’t bother with the special features simply because it kills the quality. I am a fussy one too, but I love my special features as well.

Just curious on how many out there actually back up the whole DVD.


Depends on what DVD Shrink tells me the compression ratio is going to be for the “Main Movie”. If I can compress all the menus and other junk at a custom setting (as much as they will compress irreguardless of quality) and still maintain a less than 80% compression ratio then I will burn the whole thing. Otherwise I just rip the “main movie” Yields the best quality especially on a 62" screen.


hey Edd, bitsetting function is not in the control panels. if you have installed Plextools Pro, open it up and select your burner from the upper left pane. then go to Drive Settings and click on Advanced tab. at the bottom there are checkboxes for set booktype for DVD+R and DVD+R DL. make sure they are both checked.

depending on what program you are using to burn the reauthored disc, you may need to set the booktype from within your burning program.

in Nero, go to Choose Recorder and there is a way to set the booktype there.

if you’re using DVD Decryptor to burn the disc, where you see the Burn speed drop down menu, there’s a little icon that looks like an open book. click that and use it to set the booktype to DVD-ROM (make sure you have the most recent version of DVD Decryptor as the ability to set Plextor drives’ booktype has just been added).