Decrypt UHD-BD... but from a external 5.25" enclosure

Hello everyone,

I read a lot since December about decrypting/ripping UHD-BD’s including all news regarding DeUHD, those leaked keys, AnyDVD/DVDFab support and the latest News regarding MakeMKV and their hashed keys system, so I decided to give this a try now by my self.

I have one of those “UHD friendly drives” namely the Asus BW-16D1HT but since I don’t have a proper PC with SATA connectivity, I’m forced to use a external 5.25" enclosure and to connect this optical drive via USB to my notebook.

My first try reading a UHD-BD in general wasn’t successful but I think the reason why it failed is that my Optical Drive is still on Firmware 1.01 according to MakeMKV (I bought it back in 2014 as far as I can remember).

But updating/flashing the Firmware with a 3.00 or 3.01 dump failed as well and I guess the reason is that I work with this optical drive only external :frowning:

Maybe someone with a external 5.25" enclosure can test this out if he/she is able to read a UHD-BD via USB? Is it because of that low Firmware my optical Drive have?

Thanks in Advance.


I only use external enclosures as my PC simply has no internal 5.25" bays. I use LG WH14NS40, WH16NS40, and WH16NS60 drives via USB 3.0 without issue.

Are you sure your drive is UHD friendly? If it came with 1.01 on it then it may be old enough that it didn’t support the format yet.

The failed flashes would seem to point to that.


yes I’m pretty sure that it’s UHD friendly since it has the same Name Asus BW-16D1HT but yes it seems that I’m unlucky and I will stuck on this old Firmware.

I found this “LG crossflash NS50_firmware_pack_with_patched_flasher” including both a dump from the same optical drive with Firmware 3.00 and 3.01. This software recognizes the drive but when pressing to flash the firmware, nothing happens. Only when I remove the USB cable, then a new windows pops up with a percentage overview but of course it will stay on 0% since I removed the cable.

Therefore I asked if maybe someone can test to flash the firmware while connected via USB.


I have done it without an issue. What is the manufacture date on the drive?

Well, this is something special but I even made a screenshot from MakeMKV, but I don’t know why I get such a mismatched Firmware Date

Where I can get the “manufacture date” ???

The manufacture date is physically labeled on the top of the drive itself. MakeMKV, unfortunately, can’t tell you that.

Ok I removed the drive from my external enclosure and as I said, it is a UHD Friendly Drive ASUS BW-16D1HT

It says "Manufactured October 2014 (2014 10 06) on the nameplate.

That drive is too old. The Asus is based on LG internals and LG NS40 (SVC NS50) drives did not come to market until late 2015/early 2016. You are going to need a new drive.

Ouch, so I guess a Firmware Update won’t help at all too. And this means that they released newer optical drives but re-branded with the same old model number. :frowning:

Thank you for your quick support. Then I won’t decrypt them anymore.


That is precisely what happened. Not sure why LG and ultimately Asus kept the same model number, but created a significant enough revision to warrant one. It certainly keeps things complicated.

Sorry for the bad news, but at least you don’t have to keep fighting it.

Well, at least, maybe this board/site has also a compatibility list for supported UHD Friendly Drives and someone can link to this topic and mention that the older revision won’t work with UHD BDs.

@Ravenhearst - I have such a list here.

Might want to add the Asus BW-16D1HT-PRO model, known compatible on v3.00 of the firmware.

Yes @philwashere - you can edit your post and maybe link to this thread here to confirm that "Asus BW-16D1HT (Variant 1?) - 1.01 is NOT good**!** - Maybe it will help others with a similar problem.

I also checked the DeUHD list again and maybe this explains why they mention it for this special drive “(internal, manufactured 2015+)”.

I ended up with buying the LG BH16NS55 from my local store and it was manufacutred in “July 2017” - according to the nameplate and it runs with Firmware 1.02. Reading the UHD BD works fine with my external enclosure and if needed, I can report to decrypt/rip a UHD BD with this optical drive.

I have the new version (probably firmware 3.01) BW-16D1HT that I just bought, and I used a SATA-to-USB adapter to connect it to PC, and it works, so it probably has nothing to do with your enclosure. As others pointed out, your drive is simply too old to support it.

Thanks for this information.

A little bit off-topic but if you want to laugh, the A/C Adapter from my enclosure overheated after the very first UHD-BD one day after I bought my new LG optical drive. The enclosure doesn’t start anymore, there is still a disc inside my new optical drive and I don’t now about the status from my new drive itself.

I have so much luck, better I skip this UHD thingy and I will wait until they will press some 8K movies on the successor of the current BDXL discs :stuck_out_tongue:

Not 100% proof, but one can check if first 3 letters of serial number are “SIK”. This is NS50 .

I have an extra WH16NS40 (SVC NS50) I just looked at and it does not have ‘SIK’ anywhere in the S/N. Thinking that isn’t a hard and fast rule.