Decrypt first?



Would you decrypt first or have DVD43 run as you use dvdshrink, or just shink it as is, then use the decrypt when you burn, or does dvd shrink decrypt as it shrinks?? These are pro just basic questions everyone knows… I just want to make sure I understand everything…

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you decrypt, shrink, burn with decrypt. make sure you have all the lastest programs. in the forum GO to guide and tutorials at the bottom of page is DVD Shrink Guide bymrbass. i have used it and believe me i am a beginner. it tells you and shows you the step by step way to do it.


omuniairy’s right decrypt Then shrink

Decrypt in DVD Decrypter 10-20 Minutes (depends on size of dvd and speed of drive)
Mount image in Daemon tools (this it the way i do it cause it works) 30sec
open DVDShrink 30 more sec
Shrink the DVD 20-90 minutes (Deep analise and Smoothing will take 90 minutes on my computer XP2600Mobile clocked at 2.4Ghz)




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DVD Shrink will decrypt the vast majority of movies without you having to use DVD Decrypter first. I usually just use DVD Shrink to rip, compress, ect. and then have it automatically link to DVD Decrypter and burn in ISO mode once it is finished. However, there are one or two nasty new copy protections out there now (ie Sony Arccos) which won’t work with the vast majority of Decryption programs (including the latest DVD Shrink). For these, you will need to rip with DVD Decrypter first (use the File Mode) and then open up the folder with the ripped files with DVD Shrink and proceed from there. Note you will need the latest version of DVD Decrypter to do this (V3.5.2). Outside of this though there is absolutely no need to decrypt first before just running a disc through DVD Shrink, all it does is waste time. So always try running it through DVD Shrink first, if it keeps failing at a certain spot, then rip with DVD Decrypter first.


Actually, you can also use ISO Read mode & then use DVD Shrink’s “Open Disk Image” option to open the ripped ISO image.


I’ve always used DVD Shrink to rip and burn, without the need for DVD Encrypter. Does this mean ive never had a copyrighted DVD? Is it like copyrighted games when the copy doesnt work where the game wont start? or will the DVD start but be of poor quality or something? or will it just not rip it full stop?


No,your backups should play fine.I would only be concerned with the newer copy protections out in the last few weeks.Dvd Shrink can’t do them yet.Dvd Decrypter is great for creating an image(real fast) of an single 4.7 gb disc and burnin’ it with it’s own burn engine.It’s a great app.


the latest version of Shrink is several months old. the developer of shrink was hired by Ahead/Nero and Nero Recode2 is the commercial equivalent to shrink and the only thing being updated now (without copy protection stripping capabilities of course).


Shrink doesn’t burn on its own - it uses Nero for file burning & Decrypter for ISO burning!


Yeah but what happens when you cant play a backup fine? does the dvd player just not recognise the dvd?


No, it won’t even let you rip the movie all of the way through before it will either freeze up or get errors. So you won’t even be able to get it to the point where it would burn.


OK thanks, seems all the DVD’s I’ve backed up so far have gone successfully :cool:


Actually you don’t need to use DVD Decrypter to bypass the new Sony Arccos protection. Just have DVD43Free running in the background and you can just use Shrink on all those new titles!

For more info, see: HERE


what does daemon tools do? and y do you have to mount it?


That’s a great tip, 007! :bow:

I wasted a bunch of time today “re-ripping” some ISO’s that were on my hard drive. Using DVD Decrypter, I initially ripped the DVDs in ISO mode. I mounted the ISO into a virtual drive using Daemon Tools, then -from this virtual drive-reloaded the ISO into DVD Decrypter again. Once I had the ISO back in DVD Decrypter, I changed DVD Decrypter’s mode from “ISO (read)” to “File”, giving me the .IFOs, .VOBs, and .BUPs. Then I proceeded to rip these files to the hard drive so I could use them in DVD Shrink.

After reading your post, I feed like a complete idiot for going through that convoluted process. I mean, it took me nearly all day to do all five discs of Deadwood, Season 1. Although, in my defense, Daemon Tools is somethng that I’m new to. I just downloaded it (and the demo for Alcohol 120%) last night and am still discovering what they can do :confused: .

And if anyone wants to know why I didn’t just rip in File mode to begin with: I need the .ISOs to watch the virtual discs on the HTPC using TheaterTek. But I need DVD-compliant files (.IFOs, .VOBs, and .BUPs) if I end up watching the backups on the standalone upstairs :smiley: