Decrypt/Decode & Write DVD Simultaneously


Just bought an AD-7170 to supplement my ND-3520. Is it possible to run DVD FAB or DVD coner III so that it can simultaneously decrypt/decode, and burn to a blank DVD at the same time?

Using DVD FAB, I set my target to [F] and my source to [E], but the software waited 'till after it was done decrypting/decoding before it wrote to the blank DVD. I guess what I’m saying is, is there any way to speed things up?


No app can really write a compressed DVD until the transcoding is done because all the links between the various files are unknown until that transcoding is completed.

So there is really no speed advantage to having two burners when backing up DVD’s… I guess I should just be satisfied that I don’t have to store the files on the HD before writing.

Thanks for the info.

Nero Recode can recode a ripped DVD and burn it on the fly, it takes about 10 minutes.

When doing a full disk copy with no compressing or stripping out of extras etc then yes there can be a time advantage of 2 burners. However, this route can be troublesome as if there’s a miss-read of the source disk then the output disk will be ruined.

Personally I only ever do disk-to-disk with CDs, never DVDs.