Decriminalizing File Sharing in France



I just posted the article Decriminalizing File Sharing in France.

It seems that the head of the French Courts has made a public statement declaring that he wishes to see File Sharing for personal use “decriminalized”. Other Fench Magistrates are…

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FINALLY!!! Someone in power with a brain!! Now if only they’d also get rid of the pathetic speed limits too and raise them to around 100mph as they should be on motorways we’d be seeing some progression from the goverment with getting in line with the views of the people it’s meant to be leading.


Agreed it’s a good move for file sharing, but i take it you’ve never driven in france :wink:


Byte me, Tinku. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


ahh the awsomeness of the french :slight_smile: will do anything to spite the US and if that means legalising file sharing then they’re on the right track.


Canada did too. :slight_smile:


You have to understand one thing : we, in France, have to pay a very heavy tax on every numeric blank material. For exemple, a blank DVD costs around 4 euros. This “numeric tax” as we call it is supposed to compensate the losses due to piracy as it goes directly in the pocket of the film and music entertainment companies. Therefore, the point of this head of french magistate, who is, if i got it right , the head of the most powerful trade union of magistrates in France, is to say that as you already pay once with the tax, it wouldn’t be fait to have a john doe pay it twice, as whenever a dommage occured, it is already compensated by the tax paid. Although, the french equivalent of RIAA won’t let go. The case still has to go in front of the french supreme court. So, don’t rejoy young men in thy youth, as it’s not over yet!


btw the SACEM (evil french RIAA :p) already get money on every burnable media sold in france (0.50 to 1.50 €) just look at the price of cd and dvd, it’s most due to the tax