Decreasing M ax I-Frame Interval Xvid



I’m encoding many dvds of old tv programs to Xvid/MP3. Alot of which have entry or exit talk over issues. I need to reduce the max interval of I-Frames to permit better accuracy cutting and joining lead in and lead out portions of these programs.
I use Virtual-Dub to perform these cuts and joins.

Encoder is Xvid through DVDFab. I need to set the Max-I-Frame interval to 5 instead of the default of 300.
I have not been able to guess the encoder codec parameter name used in the profile file. Setting to the Xvid encoder directly donot carry into DVDFab.
Does anybody know this parameter name.



I have also heavily edited some TV episodes (removing the “previously on…” segments) but I did it in MPEG-2 with DVDShrink before converting on the theory that it made the slow conversions a little faster. I don’t think you can access the control of this parameter from the DVDFab profiles. There have been hints that more advanced functions will be added to the new Profile Editor in the future, maybe this could be one of them. ??