Decompressing nero backups

I recently bought an emprex dvd writer that came along with a bundled software from nero version
I backed up using nero backit up that compressed the files on a dvd+r but on trying to restore the files i keep getting decompression failures.i can see the folders and files on my backup (dvd+r) but cannot restore them
please please assist.
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Load up Nero BackItUp, then click on restore backup and select the drive you have the dvd in. I dont think it works if you use explorer to open the DVD+rw and then try and uncompress them…

Hope this helps

unfortunately the decompression is failing coz wherein i can see the sizes of the files on the back up disc eg 348mb,on the restored file its 0 bytes.
this is getting frustrating:(
why would i be getting decompression failure on the restore status log?
really need your help

Hope someone else can help, I have the same problem!!!