Decompressing mp3's

i just wanted to know, what does EAC use to decompress mp3’s? does it use the lame codec or is that only for encoding? and if it doesnt use a codec how sure can i be that the mp3’s that were decompressed are accurate and exactly as they are in the original mp3? thanks

original wav? - ideally - there is one way to decompress, and all decompressions of the same mp3 should be the same. however, with different decoders, this is not always true. i believe eac uses whichever codec you install as the default encoder to decode. not for certain.

There was a site, where many mp3 decoders were testet very extensively.
Afaik, the project is discontinued now, but still mirrored @

Btw: The ACM decoder l3codecx.acm, v1.9.0.0401 from the Fraunhofer Institute decodes perfectly for example (but not its earlier versions).
After searching for a while, I found a DirectShow filter (, not mentioned by the tester(s).
It has the version number and provides the same results like the ACM version.