Decompress MP3 files?



I have been a member of this forum for 5 years and I could not remember username or so I reregistered. No problem! This forum has answered many questions. Now I have a simple question that I can’t remember the answer to. I have an mp3 file at 204 kbps that I decompressed in Audacity to 320 kbps. Media Info confirms the file is at 320. Can you decompress the file to 320 kbps and increase the sound quality? Thanks!:o


[QUOTE=wulfred60;2774141]Can you decompress the file to 320 kbps and increase the sound quality? [/QUOTE] No you can’t. Any quality that was lost during lossy compression such as used in MP3 cannot be reclaimed no matter what you do. Your 320kbps file will also have lower quality than the 204kbps file, since it has been compressed twice using lossy compression, thus having lost quality when compressed to 204kbps and then having lost quality again when re-compressed to 320kbps.


Which means it’s better to use the original 204 Kbps file, unless you ran across a media player that didn’t like the unique (variable?) bit rate of said original file & failed to play it back.


It is never worthwhile to recompress MP3 higher, what was lost by the first compression is gone, and a second compression loses a bit more, even at a larger size.

Even to a lower bitrate, it’s better to start again from an uncompressed original if you have one, rather than an already compressed file.