Decoding issue

i decoded a file two different times out of utorrent one was xvod and the other was torrentsoft? or something and i cant view the movie it just has a green screen, any ideas?

What kind of file is it?

see if it’ll play in VLC player
if it doesn’t then you have a fake file and should learn how to use bit torrent properly

good luck

thank you for yalls help

when i would start downloading a file for aXXo it would work for a sec but then it would tell me: error- access is denied. do i need to be a member or am i just goin about this all wrong

axxo files use lots of different trackers at once, if 1 tracker says access denied then the others will still work so there’s no problem

Guys can anyone ghelp me to get the xvod decoder program? I tried to look after it on the net but every torrentpage is cost money to get access.

run don’t walk away. It is a scam

it’s very common torrent scam there’s no point decoding the video because it’ll most likely end up being tranny porn. delete the fake file and download a real one

I highly recommend you read these two articles and the one I linked earlier: (domplayer is basically the same as xvod)

DOMPlayer is a scam.
See below to extract DOMplayer/3Wplayer