Decisions, decisions



After sifting through many reviews of DVD burners on the net (and in print) and trying to find 2 reviews that say remotely the same thing, I thought I finally had it worked out. The Pioneer DVR-109 was looking good, then as a final check I looked at CDFreaks, DOH! They don’t like it, I was almost home! Then I zeroed in on the LG GSA-4163B, CDFreaks like it but many have trouble with installation on XP.
I think I might just wander through the DVD Writer aisle of my local computer store with a blindfold on and pick one at random before my mind melts.
You can reply to this useless rant if you like with a recommendation, have a pointless whine like me or just ignore this negative outburst.


Look at the drives in my sig. in order of listing and don’t buy the BenQ. Unless you have some particular feature in mind any of them will do the job. I prefer the NEC 3520 of the available drives. The LG is also a very good burner if you have no problem with bit setting or don’t use +R discs. List what you are after and I can give more input and be prepared to hear diverse opinions.

BTW, my highest priority when ranking drives is quality of the burn. And be prepared to take some time in making a decision and you will save a lot of frustration and money. Also be prepared to own two drives. Funny as it is, there is no one drive that will do it all. It is like estate planning, when you make a decision abot death every time you gain something you lose something. You have to decide what you want and what you are willing to give up. Or, you just buy one of everything and then gripe because they are all different. :wink:


You can also look here and get a very good idea of what people like and are buying.


Basically time to burn means nothing to me. Quality and accuracy is everything to me. I want to;

  1. burn high quality games backups (important)
  2. burn high quality music CD backups (important)
  3. burn high quality movie DVD backups (only occassionally)
  4. burn high quality file archives (very important)
  5. burn high quality archives of home video files (2nd most important capability to me)
  6. turn home video on MiniDV tapes into DVDs to be watched on non PC DVD players (most important capability to me)

It seems weird to me that after all the time DVD writers have been on the market, there are many DVD writers that get bad or average ratings in ability to make accurate high quality copies. Thanks for the help.


Read the front page news on cdfreaks… If you read it every day like I try to, you will see more and more stories about oem prices falling. ///////
no drive exsists that will do alll that you want… If you want alllthose things, you prety much need more than one ???


I wouldnt factor that into the equation of a new DVD Writer. As Copy Protections progress, fewer writers will be able to handle the process of backing up.

Its all about the money;) Sometimes I think brands just get lucky with the quality of their produce.
I’ve got a Benq 1640 and an NEC 3520, brilliant writers, flawless quality (on first class media) couldnt be happier, but thats just me.


Based upon your search criteria, you will need either a Pioneer, Plextor, or Lite-on, or the new Toshiba drive. All are two sheep burners and will be necessary for copying copy protected CD’s/DVD’s. BENQ will not, NEC will not.