Decision: Sony DRX-710UL or Plextor PX-708UF

Hey guys…
First post for me, so let me say hello and thank you in advance for any help given :bow:

Well here is some quick history- I bought an HP dvd200e back in 2003 for $200 to go along with my cracked DVDXCopy. I thought I was the coolest person out there, getting movies for free- or so I thought…

I went through 50 or so coasters, with no knowledge of what was wrong. i figured that it had to be I had too many programs running, or that since my DVDXCopy wasnt a real copy it was screwing up. Never did I think it was my burner… :frowning:

About a week ago I got back into the burning game after being out for about 8 months… And I started using Shrink and Nero, still making coasters. This is when I finally realized that my burner is a piece of crap… which leads me to the area I need assistance in- I need a new External Burner for my Laptop, but which one?

I am looking to spend no more than $130 for a new one, and $100 for a used one.
I have narrowed it down to the two in the title:
Sony DRX-710UL
Plextor PX-708UF

Now this will just be a drive for backing up movies, nothing more, nothing less. I do my cd stuff with my internal drive, as well as watch DVDs with that Drive. I will be using DVDXCopy Platinum for a little while, until I get repeat fails, at which point I am planning on moving onto DVDClone2 with AnyDVD.

I am favoring the Sony, as it is newer, and in a better position for the future (Dual Layer). However, I have nothing but praises for the Plextor, while I have heard a couple of complaints about the Sony, such as dvds not being able to be watched on anything other than Sony DVD players, and firmware issues (updates lowering the quality).

Also, what about the PLextor 712UF? Is that worth the extra $ over the 708UF?

SO with all this information in mind, can you kind people of this forum give me advice, tell me which one to buy, send me in a direction, and even more importantly, tell me where to get one for really cheap :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks tons guys!!!

oh and p.s. sorry for the huge message


For that $100-120 range - I would go with a NEC 3520 in an external enclosure - much better performance than the Sony - 16x with dual layer capability - and probably a better drive all around IMO-


Cool, I havent really thought of doing the whole housing thing yet, but that drive is definitely cheaper than the other two ($55 on ebay). Where would you say to get a house for it? What kind should I look for?

And yeah, if you guys have better drives than the ones I mentioned, please shoot those at me, I am up for anything, and dont know too much about internal drives.

Thanks again Mike

I was doing some more searching, and came up with some more q’s…

When you say 100-130 range- is that MSRP? Or is that with the housing included?

If neither, then could you recommend an internal in the 150-175 range- I base this on the fact that a drive that should be $100-$120 is only $55, so then the one that should be $150-$175 will fall right into my range.

Also for NEC drives, what is the best brand of blanks that I should be looking for?


Ok, now I checked on ebay once again, and found this:

EXTERNAL USB 2.0+NEC 16X ND-3520A DVD±RW BURNER NERO SW for $90 shipped (75+15s/h)… now this is well within my range, and if you’re telling me its better than the Sony and the Plextor, I am going to have to buy it, cuz that is a deal!


The $100-120 was with housing included-

I would look at for something like this - very good vendor with hella good ratings on

I would search around in here for the best enclosure to buy as a lot of the performance and compatability lies in getting a good chipset-

For media - look at Ritek, Sony, Taiyo Yuden, Verbatim or Maxell-

Best places to buy media is from or or


i was looking at the Sony that you list above and the Plextor, however I talked to several people who have them and discussed the problems that they had with burning dvd’s that couldn’t be played back on just any dvd player and so I started surfing the net and talking to more people.

After several weeks I decided upon the BenQ EW162I 16XR+, 16R-, USB 2.0, 8.5 gb Double Layer and i took out the programs that came with it except for the BenQ Book Type Management, which is one of BenQ’s own software programs and what it gives you is an option to Change the disc type to dvd rom, and I have copied over 20 dvds and given them as presents and they have run on every dvd player that my friends have had.

I got to understand the book management and how to set it up through their 1-866…free help line I was able to get it set up and flash the latest firmware and use dvd r+ maxell or sony or tdk disks brands.

The techs advised me on how to set up the “check drive” feature of the book management so that my dvd R+ was set up as “current writing Book Type dvd rom” and then they sent me an “executable command” email for the Book Management Program which I have on my desktop and then click on my “check drive” and it will convert from dvd+R to DVD Rom and then I minimize to my task bar and that way it does not revert back to the dvd+R setting and burn copies that other players can’t read. If you don’t minimize it to your Task bar and simply exit the Book Mangement as I mentioned earlier it goes back to the default setting of dvd R+ and R- and you want to burn the movies in dvd-rom so that they are readable by diverse players.

i sometimes use Nero the latest version, but mostly use the One Click DVD copy and DVD 43 Free. These 2 programs work great together and I rip off several dvd’s in a short period of time. you can browse the 2 programs on the net. the One Click DVD Copy got the Platinum award this year and it certainly is very user friendly, I simply sit and watch tv and get up and insert a blank dvd and get my back ups or presents for friends and family completed.

i use 4.75 gb R+ maxell ,sony or tdk blanks. no complaints from anyone yet, this Book Management feature of BenQ is great and I have found their support very good especially one particular tech who has enough interest to email me the executable Book command and advise me to check their Global site for updates for their firmware and I did one flash on my hard drive right after I bought it.

I have had it for a several weeks now and still within my return period of 30 days but will not be doing that, my neighbor who has a Plextor is wishing he had looked into the Book Management program that they offer before he bought his external as he has not been able to watch his dvd’s on his home theatre unit and yet is able to watch on his cheaper video/dvd player combo that he has in his kitchen which he finds annoying.

just an idea for you to look at, i certainly don’t say it is the best; however it is doing the job for me!! check out the site for BenQ at: and you can talk to a tech from 9 - 5 California time Monday thru Friday before you purchase, that is what I did. I have the name of a good tech and the phone number. If you want the info, let me know. When you get to this site click on your country or Global, Global is where I get my firmware information from and according to the tech it is the site that is the most uptodate. when at the site go to Products, Peripheral and DVD rewriter and you will see the external EW162I with all of the features and specs and a description of the Book Management Program.
I must say I found it nice to be able to speak to a tech at their support centre before I decided to purchase, and they did not mind.

i do a lot of reading before I buy and this Book Management program which my friend had experience with was the major feature that caught my eye but i turfed out the other programs and then use Nero or my One Click Copy and DVD 43 free, mostly the latter as i simply like to sit back and leave the driving to my notebook while i do something else.
The price on the unit was great too!!

Cheers and happy shopping!!!

Clearly- What is the difference between the BenQ EW162I and the Benq DW1620?
Also, how much did you pay, and where did you get it? I saw that it was about $120 before shipping on certain sites, but on ebay, they have the DW1620, put into housings for like $80.

Yo Brian-

As a suggestion - stay away from eBay for hardware purchases-

If anything goes wrong the RMA process will be tough if not impossible-

Really suggest doing business with a reliable vendor like Newegg who stands behind all the products they sell-


Ok, will do- thanks for the advice-

I just made my purchase through New Egg, with a purchase of RiDATA 8X DVD+R media

Thanks again guys for the help!

Hi, all I know is that the EW 162I is a boxed external burner and since I am not into taking an internal burner and putting it into housing I have not looked to see what the differences are.

All I can say is that I really like my EW 162I and the fact that I can convert by using the “Current Writing Book Type” to dvd rom from Dvd R+ maxell, sony or tdk 4.75 gb disks and have my friends and family be able to watch them. These are the disks that BenQ suggests to use.

That is all I can say, I simply like the “BenQ Book Management” that offers this feature.

Cheers, Maybe someone out there who has the DW 1620 can enlighten us about the differences as I would be interested to know as well.


Smart move - and pretty good media - I have used the Ritek 8x -R’s for over 190 + burns and not one coaster yet!!


So I need to use the book type writer to convert the type of format? In other words, DVD players read DVD-Roms, instead of the DVD+Rs? I am just asking, because I have burned DVD+Rs with my old HP, and they played on DVD players/my PS2 no problem

I am simply saying that I had the use of the Sony DRX-710UL as well as the Plextor as 2 of my friends are resellers.

Neither of the burned cd’s that I did played on either of these, with the disks being maxell, sony and tdk.

Then I used the BenQ EW 162I to burn the same dvd and played the copies on the same 4 dvd players that did not work out for my first burned dvd copies on the same disks however this time I was able to view them.

I used the book management program with the BenQ EW 162I and used the same models of dvd players that my relatives have as I wanted to insure that they would work when I mailed the dvd’s to them as they reside in a remote area and look forward to recent media.

I am simply saying that with this Book Management program I don’t have to worry about Backward compatability which is a common problem when copying dvd’s for use on dvd players of various vintages.
The dvd rom feature of this program, for me resolves this issue.

Regards, only my experience and a very satisfied one!!! :smiley: (as not all dvd players like copies and this is through trial and error and experience of my friends…some dvd players simply have their peculiarities. It depends if you are sending copies to others. If it is simply a copy for yourself and your burner and R+ or R- works , this issue should not bother you nor interest you.