Deciphering the manufacturing date of your media (with pictures + all major mfg's!)

HS 3162 UB21 0832 and 2 jpg.

Good Morning!
I am researching the production dates of some older CD-R’s and I am not able to download the software…

Can I ask if you can explain the manufacturing date for a disk:
TDK Certified Plus “Music CD-R” (white label, clear hub)
Hub Code 3108 LC292LA24149A2

thank you so much!

It the TDK CD a 74min or a 80min CD?
Can you send a jpg from the CD Cover Front/Backside?
PS. I think it is 2001 !?


Thank you!! 80 min. Yes… Just took photos… here they are



Sorry the Fotos not visible …

Sorry!! Here they are…

2011 would also be an option.
Unfortunately, I do not know if the 2011
were still produced !?
The next Option is the ATIP/ MID from your TDK Disk:
Manufacturer :

HI Again! I am not sure what program to use to find the ATIP/ MID from the TDK Disk but I tried one that said CMC.

  • Is there some program that will say all that and
  • even what program OR windows oper sys burned the files to the disk?

That disc was manufactured by CMC Magnetics on January 24th, 2007. Apparently cd2date does not decipher that correctly, I will fix it in the next version.

Earlier “Certified Plus” CD-Rs were made in the USA/Japan by TDK themselves, but yours has a different serial from those.

By the way, post #34 contains a working download link for the latest version of cd2date…

@oldburny, the hub code you posted for your BASF CD-R can’t be decoded. So please post the stamper code, I will try to compare it with some Y2K era CMC CD-Rs that I have in my collection, to get an estimate (may take a while - don’t expect a quick reply).

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WOW!! THANK YOU AZTEKK and OLDBURNY!! (I tried to download it but the DL never started…Kept throwing me to other websites. Maybe some other new secondary site would work better?)

  • Is there some program that will find the ATIP/ MID
  • AND even what program OR windows oper sys burned the files to the disk?

I suppose you’ll want Nero Infotool:

Manufacturer ID = ATIP.

Btw, looking back at the serial you posted, it could also be made in March 2007 (as my cd2date reports), although it’s strange that its missing the HH and MM parts… in this case doesn’t make a big difference though.

PS. I sent the cd2date zip package to you, check your PMs.

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Thank you for the PM! I will Check out the Nero tool

Here is the Number:
CB74S-Ø157 ≙ CB74S-0157

When I enter the hub code from a JVC (TY) DVD+R disc, depending on the decade I choose, I get 2016, 2006 etc. I believe JVC stopped production end of 2015, so 2016 can not be correct, but 2006 seems too old to be correct. Am I missing something?