Deciphering the manufacturing date of your media (with pictures + all major mfg's!)

Daxon Technology:
CD-R hub code: UE08D07132122 1 80A4

E - the year of manufacture (A-1999, B-2000, C-2001,etc.)
08 - the month of manufacture (01-12)
D - internal process code
07 - the manufacturing line number
13 - date of manufacture (1-31)
2122 - hour and minute of manufacture
1 - the dye cup number
80 - disc type
A4 - internal testing method and version numbers

Dashin.pdf (2.4 MB)

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The stamper from a TRAXDATA CD-R i mentioned in a earlier post:
RFD80M-81043 80 SC


cannot download, both links don’t work anymore. Who can host it again?

Thanks a lot

Could it be that the hub code of Multi Media Masters & Machinary SA start with the last digit of the year of production and than three digits for the day of this year? I got a collection of CD-R with ATIP of Multi Media Masters & Machinary SA and the hub code is like 0160P604 14966 for a 1x-8x disc. I would assume it was made at the 160th day of 2000, P604 could be a indicator for a manufacturing machine and 14966 a counter of the day or whatever.

@DoubleLayer, Thank you for your interest in the CD2Date software. Starting from spring of this year I have been working (on and off) on a new version of CD2Date that includes critical bug fixes and several new feature enhancements. The version is scheduled for a proper release in 2019 but in the meantime I’m going to share a version compiled from the current development code (next post).

I believe that as with Taiyo Yuden, I am the first person to publicly provide the ability to decode Optodisc and MJC serials in the version I’m about to post. Thanks to @pepst for providing Daxon serial decoding.

Keep in mind that the software I’m about to release is a not a final release version and may be rough around some edges. There are certain algorithms I haven’t yet coded a fallback mechanism for and I still plan on doing certain micro-optimizations and a more optimized rewrite of the GUI.

That sounds very plausible, in relation to the first 4 digits of the serial you posted. The manufacturer is a relative obscure European one so I don’t have any of them here, I will have to need some more examples to confirm this to match the MBI-style decoding scheme. I’ve read reports that MBI themselves was manufacturing discs with their stampers, so you could also be dealing with one of those.

CD2Date v2.0 BETA Release

Release from current development code, adds decoding support for 3 new manufacturers (Optodisc Technology, MJC Pte LTD, Daxon Technology) and fixes critical bugs such as a typo that prevented CMC Magnetics 2018 serials from being decoded. Read full changelog below.



|  cd2date - a CD/DVD serial number converter coded by aztekk   |
|                                                               |
|      License agreement provided in the LICENSE.TXT file.      |

cd2date v2.0_BETA - [12/05/2018]
* IMPROVED: Added decoding of Daxon Technology serial format.
* IMPROVED: Added decoding of MJC Pte Ltd (Singapore) serial format.
* IMPROVED: Added decoding of Optodisc Technology serial format.
* IMPROVED: 2020 update, added a control switch for the 2020 decade, this primarily applies to Ritek serials (CMC's current serial format ends in 2021).
* IMPROVED: Instructional message box illustrating the procedure to decode MBI serials for years ending with zero (2010).
* FIXED: Bug with CMC Magnetics serial decoding for year 2018.
* FIXED: Bug with MBI-style numeric codes ending with zero.
* MISC: Some GUI and icon updates.


cd2date v1.0.0 - [03/31/2017] 
* First public release. 

MIRROR: (22.4 KB)
(use the mirror if you can’t download from zippyshare)

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Multi Media Masters & Machinary SA was a technology & manufacturing process know-how supplier to many different manufacturers, which used a variety of different serial numbering systems or no serial numbers at all.
But in this particular case, you are probably right.

I have a Ricoh blank CD and unfortunately don’t know,
where to put him?
Who can give me a tip?

Philips CD-R Q Audio
Made in USA
Manufacturer: Ricoh
Hub code: AABF002801824451


I have a Ricoh blank CD and unfortunately don’t know,
where to put him?
When was the Audio CD series produced?
Who can give me a tip?

I have a Ricoh blank CD and unfortunately don’t know,
where to put him?
When was the Audio CD series produced?
Who can give me a tip?

i have a old BASF by Emtec CD-R 650MB/74min.
by: CMC Magnetics
MID: 97m 26s 60f
HUB Code: HS 3162 UB21 0832 *

*I have read the HUB code several times.
Even if I enter for example 0832 O832
appears as the manufacturer date:
February 21 st, 2016

PS. I think the CD was made around 1999/2000.


That can’t be right. Can you post a high resolution image or scan of the label side of the disc, with the hub code clearly visible?

HS 3162 UB21 0832 and 2 jpg.

Good Morning!
I am researching the production dates of some older CD-R’s and I am not able to download the software…

Can I ask if you can explain the manufacturing date for a disk:
TDK Certified Plus “Music CD-R” (white label, clear hub)
Hub Code 3108 LC292LA24149A2

thank you so much!

It the TDK CD a 74min or a 80min CD?
Can you send a jpg from the CD Cover Front/Backside?
PS. I think it is 2001 !?


Thank you!! 80 min. Yes… Just took photos… here they are



Sorry the Fotos not visible …

Sorry!! Here they are…

2011 would also be an option.
Unfortunately, I do not know if the 2011
were still produced !?
The next Option is the ATIP/ MID from your TDK Disk:
Manufacturer :

HI Again! I am not sure what program to use to find the ATIP/ MID from the TDK Disk but I tried one that said CMC.

  • Is there some program that will say all that and
  • even what program OR windows oper sys burned the files to the disk?