Deciphering the manufacturing date of your media (with pictures + all major mfg's!)

[QUOTE=aztekk;2788466]The serial code formats from all the manufacturers listed under “Current” category are (usually) identical to what’s shown in this thread for DVD±R media. You can use this guide for all those manufacturers, what others do you have in mind?[/QUOTE]
For instance, this Prodisc-made Verbatim disc. The codes don’t exactly line up with the CD-R example so I couldn’t figure out exactly when it was manufactured.

EDIT actually I may be thinking of MBIL DVD codes, that Prodisc one lines up.

Well that disc matches Prodisc format perfectly (manufactured 03/10/2006), and MBIL also uses that same format (YDDD) on their DVD media (without exception).

I have a piece of Verbatim DVD-R made by MBIL and the first digits in the stamper code are 214, three digits instead of four. Am I to assume 2=2012 and 14 = day 14? Seems odd they wouldn’t print it as 2014.

[QUOTE=Two Degrees;2788562]I have a piece of Verbatim DVD-R made by MBIL and the first digits in the stamper code are 214, three digits instead of four. Am I to assume 2=2012 and 14 = day 14? Seems odd they wouldn’t print it as 2014.[/QUOTE]

Those were made in 2010.

Great work Aztekk :clap:

Since I was the one starting the original thread you mentioned, I may add that this list will be of great help for dating other CD-R recordings I’ve bought over the years as well :iagree:

Thanks :flower:

CD2Date - CD/DVD Serial Converter

I'm back again and today I am releasing a program I wrote in C, the purpose of which is to automate the tedious and error-prone (even when being careful) decoding process of CD and DVD manufacturers serial codes manually. This program allows you to input a serial number and quickly get the resulting manufacturing date. You don't even need to input the full serial in most cases, partial serial code will work fine, the parser will detect the date string itself. Here is how this new program looks like:

Screenshot of the main GUI after decrypting an MBI DVD’s serial.

This program supports all the serial formats I outlined in January and I have also added a few more. Here’s the list:

Supported manufacturers: CMC Magnetics, Moser Baer India, Ritek Corporation, Prodisc, Mitsui Toatsu Chemicals, Taiyo Yuden*, Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation (Verbatim)* , TDK Corporation (Luxembourg)* , Eastman Kodak Company, MAM-E, Mitsubishi Chemical Coproration (DVD±R)*

All above support full date decoding (MM/DD/YYYY) except the ones with the asterisk (*) symbol, which can be decoded partially (eg. year only). The blue ones are new additions not found in the January post, Kodak and MAM-E use the same format as Mitsui and I’ve added MCC decoding for DVD’s also.

The program is very easy to use, simply type in the serial (or part of it), select the manufacturer from the dropdown menu and in some cases (all but CMC) the decade of the disc then click “Process”. You will have an instant result, or if there was an error it will notify with a message box.

The program is guaranteed to run on Windows 95,98,ME,NT4,2000,XP,2K3 (all versions, tested mostly on XP64) and will likely work on newer Windows OS’s as well. If you have any issues with running the software on your computer or you have problems with decoding certain supported serial numbering formats then please inform me. Feedback of any kind is certainly appreciated.

I hope this will help you guys in the media tests section, and I would like to see more people include the serial codes or manufacturing dates in their posts there. In any case try it out and tell me what you think! Without further due, here is the download link:

>>>> (17.4 KB) <<<<-

Thank you very much :flower:

Works in Windows 10 RedStone2 (v1703 build 15063.0) as well :sunny:

Thanks aztekk glad to see software development within the optical media realm!

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I don’t suppose anyone has any insight into Falcon’s serial system…?

­Any­­ insight? :iagree: The insight you want? :disagree:

I could certainly use more samples (I don’t use FTI myself) but from the codes so far posted by you and others I have only made these deductions: the serial code is the 3rd part of the hub code, and does not seem to include any industry standard codification of the manufacturing date or repeating pattern. If it does, it may be some special weirdness as with CMC.

Of course you can always still get a rough estimate of the age of the disk from the serial number, or the stamper code (in case of MCC stamper).

I was made aware the download link to CD2Date is broken, I’m assuming this is due to myce once again changing servers or something. I have reuploaded the software below. The program itself remains unchanged.

CD2Date new download link (zippyshare): (17.4 KB)

EDIT: It appears attachements are entirely broken on this site. I have uploaded it to zippyshare for now, although keep in mind it will be deleted in 30 days. I don’t know of a better file upload site and Myce bugs are out of my control.

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That’s awesome!
I’m looking for such information!
What a temporal coincidence!
Thank you…

Hello aztekk
i have a JVC CD-R 80 min for Audio.
All information found on the CD.
Label: JVC
MID: 97m18s17f (Wealth Fair Investment Ltd. ???)
CD-R80min WL61-020
What can be the production year?

@oldburny, sent you a PM.

I Have a modern Traxdata CD-R 80 Classic (black with silver, part no. TXS5280) and it does not have a hub code, but have a stamper code. Can you help me to identify the CD manufacturing date using the stamper code?

The CD is probably from Ritek …
What is the MID (ATIP) code?

Sadly no. The stamper code can be at best a clue to roughly estimate the year/period of years of manufacture.

The MID is 97m15s17f (RITEK CO. TAIWAN)

Post the stamper number (it is located in the recording layer near the central hole) - maybe someone will be able to identify the period of years in which your disc was made.

The download link is not valid at the moment, unfortunately.
Is it only me?