Deciding between Benq and Lite-on

I currently have a Benq DW1640 and a Sony DRU820a but I want to get rid of the sony 'cause it can’t scan. I have only two choices for the replacement: Benq DW1650 and Lite-on 160p6s both with the same price.

I’ve read that Lite-on can scan discs burnt by other recorders and that’s attractive to me but I still want it to have good burn quality with the media I usually use.I also consider the ability to read poor burnt/scartched CD/DVDs useful. and I’ve heard that Lite-on doesn’t read DVD+R/DVD-R as fast as Benq, moreover I love my DW1640 and I’ve read that DW1650 is very much similar to it.

so which one do you think I should get?

I mostly use CMC E01 and Ritek R03 along with some Tayu Yuden TYG02 all @ 8X and have little use for DL or DVD-RAM.


P.S. my DW1640 BSLB does a nice job with CMC E01; it would be nice to see the new dirve have similar performance with this MID.

The BenQ can scan media, which has been recorded by burners of other manufacturers, too.
But it seems it preferes the media burned in itself…
You can use to compare burns of various media burned in your Benq, but if you want to compare burns of different burners, you should use a liteon or a plex, both are much more “fair” and reliable with burns of other recorders…

And yes, the BenQs with a “speedpatched” firmware, are the fastest rippers I’ve seen…

Keep your setup. BQ is good enough for scanning. IMHO

toy I have both Benq and Liteon (see my sig). I think you should get a 160P6S because you already have a 1640 which is better than a 1650.
The 160P6 will allow you to use the laest Liteon toy

Lite-on is prob the best for scanning media, bundled with K-Probe its all I ever use I never even touched Nero yet for scanning, just no need.

If you really want the Litey for scanning, do as I did, but it, and buy an external setup like a USB 2.0 to IDE adapter an duse it to scan on a need to do basis.

Just my advice to you :wink:

If he gets an external enclosure, what’s the best kind of chipset for the enclosure? Someone once told me if I ever used an external model, to get an external enclosure with a Prolific chipset (this was a Plextor tech, for whatever’s that’s worth). Any ideas on that, so he can nail it down if he goes external enclosure? :wink:

Also, on mids, CMC MAG E01 can be very good burning or just so-so depending on the batch you get, and Ritek R03…well, big quality variation and possible degradation problems are known issues with the Ritek DVD media… :rolleyes:

Is the Sony crossflash-able?
You might consider crossflashing the Sony, throwing the BenQ out and getting a LG…

Throwing a 1640 for a LG … not even in dream :disagree:

Thank you all for your inputs :clap:

The Sony crossflashes to BenQ 1670 which is not the best benQ around 'cause it uses Pana chip and can’t quality scan (good burn quality though with both firmwares of 820 and 1670) . and I would never lose my 1640 under any circumstances :a . I’m not planning to get the external case 'cause I don’t need to do so.
how about reading of poor burnt/scratched discs and burn quality of the media I usually use? which would perform better?

Yes the Lite-on is a “neutral” scanner for discs burnt by other burners. But it does not show Jitter and POF. Also it’s not a good CD Scanner. But wait. If you get a Lite-On and rid the 820A, then your setup is 1640 + 160P6S. So both are good scanners and since you don’t have “other” burners (LG/820A/NEC/etc) then you are not going to scan discs that is burn with “other” burners. :smiley:

I also consider the ability to read poor burnt/scartched CD/DVDs useful.
Basically you will need a slow ripper for this task. Your 820A is good for that because it’s slow, however you can slowdown your 1640 within the ripper software. If it’s a very poor or deeply scratch disc then most drive will have difficulties.
and I’ve heard that Lite-on doesn’t read DVD+R/DVD-R as fast as Benq
Edit: The liteon reads DVD±R at 16x same with BenQ. But it reads DVD±R DL/DVD-ROM DL slower.
moreover I love my DW1640 and I’ve read that DW1650 is very much similar to it.

Why do you think 1640 is better then 1650? :wink:

I have the DW1670 (I/O Magic rebadge) & the Litey 160P6S, while I don’t have a 1640 I do have the 1650. In the past week or so, I had 2 bad CDs to rip/recover and here is what I experienced.

The 1650 choked on 9 tracks, the Litey on 7, the 1670 on 3 and my last resort reader, the ASUS E616A DVD-ROM had problems with 2. On the second bad CD, the results were pretty much the same - the ASUS in this case did finally read all of the tracks without error (tho took awhile). It did surprise me as I would have bet beforehand that the Liteon would have had less trouble than the 1670. :eek:

I don’t or haven’t had a bad DVD to throw at the lot so can’t say if the results for a bad DVD would parallel those of the CDs


Cypress chipsets work fine, too. No problem with my Sony DWG120A xflashed to Litey SHM-165P6S.
Also, Liteon uses Cypress chipsets for their retail external drives.


No need, just read my post again, an external setup is more feasible.

1650 and 160p6s are both very good burners, the benq is a touch louder though

here’s a scan of (staples branded) CMC E01 and printable tyg02 from my Sony Q120A Xflashed to the 160P6S test fw:

burnt in nero 6.6 @8x

liteons can show jitter/beta/ta with the new dvdscan program. getting the program to work without pulling your hair out however, is another story. :slight_smile: