Deciding between ASUS DRW-1608P2S and LG GSA-4167B

Hey, looking for some advice since I can’t decide between these two drives to complement the drives in my sig…
Just like to hear some people’s thoughts. Im ordering one or the other tonight…

any opinions welcome… I have no experience with these drives…

or I could just get rid of the plex 740 and get a plex 716a but I think that may be a bad idea… :doh:

I have the ASUS drive, its a pioneer 110D. It can be crossflashed to support bitsetting and RAM. The LG drive does both of them out of the box. Its hard to say which one to get, I had the same exact decision to make (and I also have a benq 1640 :smiley: ) and I chose to get the ASUS drive (cheaper) and crossflash it to pioneer. I think I’m glad I went with the pioneer drive :slight_smile: . If you want to save a couple bucks, they both go on sale at the egg you just have to keep an eye out on the price (mine was $40 shipped).

I don’t believe thats the 110D as this one supports dvd-ram write at 5x
I think you have the asus 1608P2… this is the 1608P2-S which I think is the same hardware as the Pioneer-DVR-A10/110. easy to overlook…but I think I might end up getting that one for the fact that its more mod-able with FW

the LG is on sale for the weekend OEM for 38.99 and the asus/Pioneer A10/110 is 46.99 retail… quite odd that its 1$ cheaper then the DVD-ram read only model which is what i think you got…

The 1608P2 is a rebadged DVR-110 (with DVD-RAM write @5x).
However, even a 110D can be crossflashed to a 110 to enable DVD-RAM burning. :wink:

PS: LG and Asus/Pio - both are good burners!

Then im really confused as I thought the 1608P2 was the 110D which could be x-flashed to a 110 but got the impression that the 1608P2-S-BK(the second link in my first post) is the 110 rebadge as it already has 5x dvd-ram write and the other one says 2x dvd-ram read only(although it can be x-flashed up to a 110)? I dont want to order the wrong one. I should order the one in that link right? Its(the 1608P2-S-BK) also 2$ cheaper then the reg 1608P2.

You are right, tweakmaster420.

ASUS DRW-1608P2 = Pioneer DVR-110D
ASUS DRW-1608P2S = Pioneer DVR-110

chef must have missed the ‘S’.

I’ve read in the Pioneer forum that it is possible to crassflash DVR-110D to DVR-110.

eric93se, didn’t exactly mention his ASUS model but I think it is DRW-1608P2 otherwise he wouldn’t say “crossflashed to support RAM” because DRW-1608P2S already had DVD-RAM writing.

If I am right about what eric93se said, that means it is possible to crossflash DRW-1608P2 to DVR-110.

true… im ordering the 1608P2-S right now… since its actually 2$ cheaper then the reg 1608P2 at the egg right now… thanks for all the input guys… :wink: :cool:

Yup, I missed the sssssssssss, uhm, $. :wink:

You can easily crossflash to an DVR-110 or A10XL if you want.

Read zebra’s guide on for more info if you want.

That naming scheme is even crappier than Pioneers own! :Z

I just looked up the version at the egg that I purchased, and its the non ‘s’ but it does say 5x dvd-ram under the ‘write’ features. Doesn’t matter to me since its all the same jazz :stuck_out_tongue:

however, under the title of the drive, it does say 5x read ram.

Yea, I probaly would have got the regular 110D version, but hey… for 2-3$ less why not get the top model… I will be flashing it to an A10XL though… that was my original plan :wink: Gotta love drives that you can X-flash. Gives you some variety :iagree: . looks like the 1693s is coming out my case for the Pio, even though its halfway decent. Still got an open slot but dont want to bother throwing in my maxtor pci SATA/IDE controller card. Love this new case I got though… Wish I had as many IDE channels as it does 5" bays. :cool:

ASUS site says this is not RAM writing and I would be surprised if it was as the Pioneer 110 has not shown up in the US yet (here is where someone will point out I am wrong).

No thats the ram reading capable model that can be up-flashed :wink: to dvd-ram write… :iagree:

Notice how newegg screwed up :slight_smile:

Actually, they screwed up on A LOT of drives in that specs department I noticed…lol :iagree:
They must have hired some cheap labor data entry clerks…lol

Yap, “Herman is in la-bor.” lol

chef, I couldn’t find a guide. I’m interested to know how to convert DRW-1608P2 (without the ‘S’) directly into DVR-A10XL (with DVD-RAM writing and rip-unlocked).

Just thought I might post a few pics after I got done building my new box(last one took a fall but was built well enough not to damage anything)
Used to have a Tt skull series but recently picked up this Tt Armor case.
Now just to decide which drive to pull to make room for the 110.
Thinking about removing the card reader and Putting one of the drives on a Maxtor Promise PCI SATA/IDE card… but dont know if I should…

It’s here.

Thanks, chef. I was looking in Optical Drives forum and not The Classroom forum.

That is DVR-110D -> DVR-A10XLA though. Not exactly DRW-1608P2 -> DVR-A10XLA. Unless exactly the same procedures can be applied to DRW-1608P2, i.e., without having to convert from DRW-1608P2 to DVR-110D first.

You can strictly follow that guide. :wink:

It is not important if you do it on a DVR-100, DVR-610, DVR-110/D, or an ASUS 1608P2/S.