Decided on Blu-Ray / HD-DVD? Well, here comes HD-DVD-1



I just posted the article Decided on Blu-Ray / HD-DVD? Well, here comes HD-DVD-1.

  While  having  a choice of Blu-Ray and HD-DVD is a tough enough decision with some PC makers  backing one format and some members of the movie industry backing the other  format, a Taiwan...
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nice having so many choices:)


lol, how many formats will there be and talk about trademark enfringment the DVD-fourm might sue there ass:S


Where are those 300GB Holoporn discs we were promised!!!


Hehe, I won’t be duped into buying any of them. I’m going to hold out for the new 200 TB dilithium coated quartz chip memory sticks. :d


Is there any prospective usage of such disc formats? Any emerging standards!? If not, everything is no more than white elephant just be used for back-up :wink:


Great … just what we need, More stupid proprietary standards to further confuse and fragment the marketplace. BetaMax and DVD-RAM anyone ??? :X


The only real use for them is for HD video/audio content. If you haven’t seen/heard HD, you won’t understand, but it’s worth it especially when we can record it.


They are not completely stupid, but they are just competing. It’s no coincidence that Lite-On, BenQ, and Quanta, the three largest Taiwanese drive manufacturers attended the conference. Think in the long-term effects.


[Sarcasm] Well thank goodness they had the sense to add the [-1] after the HD-DVD. That way, there will be little, if any confusion… "Honey, don’t put the HD-DVD-1 disc in the HD-DVD player, it wont work … I just tried it again this afternoon by mistake again. What’s that? Yes, LOL it’s the same player I threw up side the wall last week, but that isn’t the problem!! [/sarcasm]
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There was DVD+RW/+R against DVD-R/-RW. There was EVD against DVD. They probably wanted to name it to sound much like existing standard. Though HD-DVD-1 hardly sounds nice to me.


Yeah they should call it HD-DVD XP :stuck_out_tongue:


Slower transfer rate; almost the same name as HD-DVD; no movie backing; stupid.


This is great news! The more formats we have, the more competition we have! As competition increases, prices decrease. I even hope we see a few more formats introduced. Why? Because someone will develop a hybrid drive that will read and write to all of these competing formats! We, as consumers, will be the eventual winners in this format war. We’ll benefit from advanced technologies and lower prices.


“We, as consumers, will be the eventual winners in this format war. We’ll benefit from advanced technologies and lower prices.” Not true. Having many competing formats doesn’t help anyone. Look at Beta vs VHS. Look at DVD-Audio vs SACD. I’d prefer they pick one, and let competition go between the manufacturers of the products for best quality and price on media and playback devices. But format wars don’t help anyone. The average person isn’t smart enough to even visit these kinds of forums. What would Joe Sixpack do?


geeze, does everyone just get handed lasers and optical media these days?! I can’t even get a branded 16x disc easily for my burner that I have now, today, in the present.


There are three things I want out of the next greatest thing. 1) Low Production costs that translate into low consumer prices. 2) Extreme Read/Write Speed so that it doesn’t take an hour to Read/Write the data. 3) High quality that translates into durability and long usage/store life. I think we can easily achieve numbers 1 and 3 but the current spin & track technology limits number 2. Optical Data Rods anyone?


“Not true. Having many competing formats doesn’t help anyone.” Think about that for a second. You are correct with Betamax vs. VHS and DVD-Audio vs. SACD. But not so for DVD+R vs. DVD-R. The key difference here is that with DVD+R and DVD-R we have hybrid drives that can play BOTH formats! We weren’t forced into choosing between incompatible formats. Our DVD players and computers could handle both formats so consumers benefited from the competition between the two. This is why I am just waiting for the news of a hybrid drive that can play ALL optical discs! If this doesn’t happen, then yes, having all of these competing formats won’t benefit anyone. But because of what we saw with DVD+R and DVD-R, I am expecting a next generation hybrid optical drive.


I’ll take any white elephant that can be used to archive several miniDV tapes and data on one disc, thanks :g


if you read up on DVD-RAM, you’d realise it’s unique, a great product and needed :slight_smile: There’s more to life than watching hollywood movies (although it can do that too) :g Edit: Oh, and as for the proprietary standards comment. Nothing is non-proprietary in DVD land (everyone involved in the patents collects royalties), and DVD-RAM is approved and endorsed by the “official” DVD Forum…the same that make your beloved proprietary -R(W) formats. So the proprietary and non-proprietaryness can’t be used in the argument, really.
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