Decent UK supplier for Dual Layer Verbs @ 8x non printable!

Don’t know what it is with Verbatim and inkjet printable Dual Layers but that’s all I seem to find? I don’t have an inkjet printer that prints CD/DVD’s so where have all the branded 8x Verbatim Dual Layers gone?

Trying to find 25 or 50 tubs here in the UK but only find inkjet printable :a or the branded ones only in 10pc tubs :frowning:

So just WHERE do I get 25/50 tubs of Verbatim branded (silver) 8x Dual Layers at a decent price?

Well, did some digging and found that branded Verbatim DVD+R DL 8x in 25’s are code 43757 and 50’s are code 43758.

Looked at suppliers for the 50 pack, got fed up after half an hour as I only found these stores under the £50 mark. All have VAT + Delivery included:

Amazon do them for £44.99 with free delivery. do them for £46.80 sent 1st class post. do them for £47.24 with 3 Day delivery. do them for £48.58 with 2-5 day delivery. do them for £48.74 inc 99p for 10 working delivery.

So it looks like Amazon then.