Decent (Slimline Laptop Size) Slot-in/Slot-Load DVD Reader/DVD Writer for ripping my CD collection



Hi All,

Just found this forum :slight_smile:

I have just built a new Vortexbox which automatically rips Audio CD’s (And DVD’s)

This rips my CD collection to FLAC, I have a Streacom F7C EVO chassis and the only downside is it can only take a laptop type Slot in/Slot load optical drive.

I ordered a Lite-On DL-8A4SH but this is constantly crashing the system and refuses to read anything above 4x, it will speed right up then rattle and lower itself down.

I did try a tray loading Sony Optiarc outside of the case which worked fine to test with and was ripping at a decent speed, but obviously I cannot fit this drive in this chassis.

I tried it in another PC and sometimes it’s not recognised or causes that PC to hang as well.

Can you please help me find a decent drive or recommended slimline slot load drive for ripping Audio (Or generally a good drive)

I can either have a replacement of this drive or a refund, I have no idea if it’s faulty or just not a good drive. I believe it’s identical to a Teac model?

Also this has to be SATA not PATA.

Cheers all.


Welcome to MyCE.

I have a Samsung SE-208DB (external slim with tray) which reads audio CDs very well and at full speed, and they sell a similar slot-loading drive (SE-B18AB). Usually there is a Samsung branded internal version just called SN-[I]xxx[/I] instead of SE-[I]xxx[/I], but I can’t find a SN-B18[I]xx[/I].

However Toshiba-Samsung do make an internal slot-loading drive, the TS-T633[I]x[/I]. There are different models (a different letter on the end after the number), some of which appear to be tray loading. So double check that you are getting a slot-loading model.