Decent media player?



OK, OK - I can’t take Windows Media Player any more.

It hogs system resources, crashes frequently and is just sloppy. The 11th version is worse than the 10th.

So I would appreciate any suggestions as to what is the best out there for my needs? I don’t want libraries and playlists and stuff, I just want something that plays video and audio with a full screen option, to be free and not with any adware. So far I’ve looked at BS Player and MV2 - both p1ssed me off, one was just poorly designed, the other had adware on it.

If it can’t rip music from CD, I would also appreciate pointers for a simple ripper in that regard too.

Thanks for any opinions/suggestions. :slight_smile:

#2 is a nice multi media player which plays nearly everything but you’ve got to get used to some settings. For ripping CDs CDex or exact audio copy.


Windows Media Player Classic is a very good overall player and free. Its has many options and features you could check out and mess with:


:iagree:…agreed on VLC, and I use CDex for ripping my CDs. :slight_smile:


VLC Media Player for movies
Winamp for MP3’s
EAC & LAME for ripping CD’s to MP3’s or creating perfect CD images.

I also gave up on Winblows Media Player. Just isn’t worth the hassles.


Thanks, I’ll check it out… can I ask what you man by ‘you’ve got to get used to some settings’?

As for Windows Media, I’ll look at that too; is it actually anything to do with Windows? As it appears open-source, but the name… (confused)?


VLC player here as well. Will play pretty much anything you throw at it.

what you mean by ‘you’ve got to get used to some settings’?

You have to tweak VLC player with some addons to do some specfic tasks.


CDEX extracts Digital Audio (DA) tracks from an Audio CD into files on the hard disk.

:cool: :cool:


Did you even try to use the search before posting?



Er… no. :frowning:

Thanks for your help so far guys - well, CDex seems OK - anyone know if you want to get track info for discs once they’re ripped if there’s a way to do it or do you need to re-rip to get track info?

I’m using VLC and it seems light on system resources - great stuff. For video, anyone know if you can get it on full screen without the bar, etc. there?


Double click in the video window :wink:


OK, cheers - last question (I think). Any way to play a whole album without having to go through the file menu? On WMP I’d just highlight a bunch of tracks, right click and ‘play’, but it tries to play all the tracks simultaneously on VLC. :confused:


I’ve used all players mentioned here, but recently switched to KMPlayer.
Check it at