Decent DivX HDD/DVD recorder

Anyone got any recommendations for a decent budget HDD DVD player I
can get in the UK?

Essential specs:

NTSC/PAL output
Dolby 5.1/DTS
English subtitles using srt files

Be really great if it can do these too:

Ethernet connection to PC
USB connection to PC
Japanese subtitles using srt
Record MPEG-4

Not bothered about:

HDD size (providing it can easily be swapped out)
Recording from TV capabilities

HDD size is not an issue if it can easily be swapped for a bigger
drive (I have a spare 250GB IDE drive)

Also, not too worried about the recording capabilities of the player
as most of the stuff I like to watch is never found on TV (Old
Japanese movies and other non-hollywood stuff). Also, as I don’t
watch much TV, I don’t require any EPG features either.

I did see a Kiss VR 558 HDD/Ethernet DVD Player which seems to tick
all my boxes but seems overkill for what I had in mind. Even the DP
558 seems a bit over featured for my needs and seems to be a be flaky,
particularly with recording stuff (not that bothers me much).

Also noticed the LG RH7500 (and other RH ranges) but even after looking at the manual I’m no nowhere near working out how I transfer my DivX files over to the HDD. Are there any direct ways to move stuff from my PC or do I have to copy everything to DVD first? How about if I just take out the HDD and connect it to my PC to transfer files. Is this possible?

My budget is around the £200-£250 mark. Possibly go up to £300 if the
features really make it that much more outstanding than any