Deceiving album covers

What are some of the greatest albums with the worst covers?

I’m a huge fan of Tool and most of their album covers are amazing. However, their 1993 Undertow album cover was so boring.

Anyone else have any examples?

But their new album “10,000 Days” is a stroke of genius, both in design and content,

prince - the black album
metallica - the black album
beatles - the white album

only statement these albums made were that they were to bored to come up w/ an orginal cover

Deceiving is an understatement here. Its funny how some of the best albums employed some of the strangest minds in graphic design… take Mew’s album “And the Glass Handed Kites”… the cover is kinda disturbing… but I’m obsessed with the album!! I recommend just hiding the CD case. hehe

That album cover might be plane, but that one of my favorite albums and I don’t care whats on the cover. I want whats in the grooves…