Decaying Yuden T03

Somewhere early January, I bought some Plextor Yuden T03 DVD+R spindels from SVP, to replace 2 spindels I bought from Germany, same Plextors, which had horrible scan results (it was suggested here it was probably hot truck syndrome).

But these new spindels also had rather disappointing scan results (>100K PIE, 3000 or more PIF, not what you’d expect with TY on a Pio 109), although most people here thought they were still OK. I never used them anyway but did take the advise to burn a few and store them to look if they decayed.

I just bought a faster scanner than my Plextor 716, a LiteON, and to test it I used one of these discs. To verify the results vs the Plextor scans, I redid that scan as well. The result was rather unnerving, a 20% error increase as you can see from the scans below. That’s way above the variation between 2 consecutive scans, so it must be real error increase.

Looks like these will not hold for the long term. Comments?

I beg to differ. A 20% difference between even consecutive scans with the same media in the same drive is a normal occurrence.

Nothing can be concluded from this IMO.

I agree with DrageMester, there is too little difference to make a conclusive conclusion :slight_smile:

Well, I did try scanning a discs several times (a while ago, not this disc) to determine the consistency with which my Plex 716 scanned. The differences were marginal and way below 20%.


It will most probably require some more months and another scan before you can conclude if there is a trend developing, but if you are sure your drive does not usually show such large scanning variances, you could be correct.

Well, I kept this batch in the closet for 6 months, can keep them another 6 :slight_smile:

I’ll try scanning the other discs from this batch as well, see if they have the same trend. If they do, I’m in for a lot of work cause I won’t sleep soundly again until I’ve scanned all my ‘good older’ T03 (and that’s a lot) again …

At least let them hold until supposedly much more stable inorganic BDR discs drop in price. Yeah, I know, that may be a 100 years :bigsmile: Hmm, an idea for a new thread, I actually didn’t follow BDR disc prices that closely. :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t think so. I think the drive, like many others just has some variance from time to time.

I notice sometimes my liteon will produce 20,000 less or more PIE with consecutive scans. Usually the only discs of mine that have next to no variance are ones that are burnt extremely well and have low jitter also (usually CMC MAG E01, MCC02RG20). If the data is important though, as every says, back up onto two media just to be safe.