DecaWave launches indoor navigation chip accurate to within 10cm

A new chip company DecaWave has announced an indoor location chip, claiming to provide indoor positioning accurate to within 10cm of its actual location.

The chip is a huge improvement over current systems that are limited to accuracy of around a meter with poor reliability, where as this chip claims to be accurate all the time to within 10cm by transmitting signals to nearby readers to accurately determine its current location. It can operate for several years on a battery, unlike most other positioning systems. The chip’s launch is aimed at warehouse, agriculture, factory automation, etc. industries for tracking valuable inventory such as pallets.

Going by the photo of the tiny chip on a finger tip, this certainly would be handy for household use if a reasonably priced ‘stick-on’ version could be launched, particularly for commonly misplaced items such as car keys, wallet, camera and other items.

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