Dec 19, CompUSA, TDK 100pk DVD+R $30

In store only

media infos plz… :smiley:

The info is from an ad, which does not have any more info. The sale doesn’t start for another 11 hours or so.

In my local bestbuy I saw 100pack TDK 8x +R with TY spindles (made in japan) and non TY spindles (don’t know the MID). If CompUSA has a TDK TY T02, that’s a very good price, beats the Fuji 25pack $8.99 (4 x 8.99~$36).

If my local CompUSA is any indicator, it will be 4x Ricoh JPNR01.

don’t even know the speed they’re selling?

TDK 4x DVD+R Media, 120 Minute / 4.7 GB, Spindle, 100 Pack Product Number: 316092 $29.99 (i took the sku from the paper and searched for it on and that’s how i got this)

MID could be CMC MAG.F01, MCC…002, RICOHJPNR01, or TDK…001 (these are all the MIDs for TDK DVD+R 4x. The MID is probably determined by where it’s made and maybe the spindle quantity)

T02’s are the TDK DVD+R 8x…i got all this info from videohelp’s media list

I was at CompUSA this morning and the TDK was all 4x Made in Taiwan. I passed on it after loading up on Fuji TY’s 8x last week from the Best Buy sale. The faster Fuji TY’s were only 2.37 cents a disc more than these 4x TDK’s and there are 2-3 different suppliers TDK uses for these so you never know what you are getting.

i mean the dvd disc, are they cmcs or tys or mccs?

they’re probably ricohjpn media which is made in taiwan

My wife and I went to CompUSA and the limit was one per household. I got 1 cake box and my wife got one and was going to check out and wait for me in the car. Both were 8X where the sale tag was on a display. When I got to the car Wife said that the discs were $80 something and the clerk told her that the 4X was the ones on sale and got her a spindle of them. I checked out at another check stand and they rang up at the sale price and the checker told me that they had run out of 4X and was subbing the 8X. When I got home I ran a MID check and 4X were ricohjpnr01-02 and the 8X were TY’s T02. I’m a happy camper.

aww man they subbed with 8x!! i should have gone…missed out on TY

I wound up with one spindle of 4x ricohjpnr01 (my favorite media) and one spindle of 8x cmcmage01 (no big deal there, they kprobe very good burned on my lite on and my nec). Hell of a good deal for 200 disks!!!

I’ve noticed most brick-n-mortar stores selling 2.4x, 4x, and 8x media interchangeably and at the same price.

Some of the packages I’ve checked have the same UPC number for 4x and 8x discs (Sony and Maxell).

I just PM’d Best Buy with CompUSA and got the TY’s. The flyer never mentioned speed so I found some Made in Japan 8x TDK DVD+R an did the deal. $29.99 for 100 TY (YUDEN000-T02) DVD+R makes me grin…

Sometimes I think it is beter (easier) to price match than go to the store that actually had it on sale. They only had two packs left when I went in (1 4x and 1 8x). I honestly didn’t know that it was only the 4x that was on sale. The manager said that it was alright for us to buy 2 since there were two customers, me and my wife and yes, the cashier wouldn’t sell them to us till she asked. I guess they scanned the 8x package because it didn’t come up as being on sale. They didn’t realize that the two packs were diffrent anymore than I did and they wouldn’t sell me either. One of the cashiers even said to the manager that it was the same item pictured in the add. The manager said that it didn’t mater if it was the same item, if it had a diffrent sku it wasn’t on sale!!! He offered to sub a 100 pack of generic compusa media for 20$ (probably princos like most compusa media). I of course declined. I called and talked to the store manage the next morning and he said that they has six of the sale item and I could come buy two at the sale price. When I got there they only had one set aside (the 4x pack). They grabbed one off the shelf (the 8x pack) and sold them both to me for the sale price (after I told then that I had spoken to thier store manager and he authorized it). I am guessing that if I had gone someone else to price match it, I wouldn’t have had any hassel. Managers seem to be a lot more friendly when they are taking a sale away from another store than when you are just asking them to honor thier own ad!!!
The funny thing is, even though I don’t mind the cmcmage01 8x disks I got (they burn fine on both my burners and kprobe really well), I would have prefered the 4x ricohs (that also burn exelent at 8x on both my burners). If for no other reason, I have used more ricohjpnr01 than any other disk and they always burn great!!! I have just come to trust them very much.