Debunking BSA's piracy-malware link

I just posted the article Debunking BSA’s piracy-malware link.

The latest fear-mongering report from the Business Software Alliance throws the kitchen sink at potential pirates, claiming that their computers could be wrecked by malware and that they could end up in prison.

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So the BS Alliance is using BS statistics to further their cause? What a surprise! :disagree:

I just love assumption logic where you take two facts and combine them to create a whole new kind of fact.

For the piracy rate figures of US vs EU countries, I’m not really surprised Europe has higher piracy rates with the way some of the big software companies price their software, especially Adobe.

For someone in the US, here are a few US prices on NewEgg:

[li]Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate SP1 64-bit OEM - $169.99[/li][li]Microsoft Office Professional 2007 - Retail - $429.99[/li][li]Adobe PhotoShop CS4 RES - Retail - $584.99[/li][li]Adobe Production Premium CS4 RES - Retail - $1,619.99[/li][/ul]

For someone in Ireland, here are the same products on Dabs
(Excluding VAT, calculated using exchange rate of €1 to US$1.487)):

[li]Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate SP1 64-bit OEM - $201.51[/li][li]Microsoft Office Professional 2007 - Retail - $445.62[/li][li]Adobe Photoshop CS4 V11 Win Retail - $841.11[/li][li]Adobe CS4 Production Premium V4 Win Retail - $2,910.94 :eek:[/li][/ul]

To give a fair comparison above, I removed the VAT from the Dabs prices above and converted them to US dollars at the current exchange rate.

For the two Microsoft products, the differences do not seem to be as bad as they use to be. For example, I remember when the retail professional version of Office use to be around €500.

However, I can’t see there being an excuse for adobe charging its crazy premiums on its products in Europe. I remember reading an interesting comment a while back saying that if you live in Europe and are seriously considering buying the Adobe Production Premium suite, consider this instead with your hard earned savings:

[li]Book a flight to the US for a few days[/li][li]Check into a hotel for the duration[/li][li]Take a Taxi to any good PC store [/li][li]Purchase Adobe Production Premium CS4[/li][li]Enjoy the rest of the holiday with the left over change. :D[/li][/ol]

Of course, you could just spend it all on the European price if you feel they deserve their EU price. :wink: