Debugger overshoot problem



I have struck an annoying display problem when using the debugger in DVDRemake 3.6.3. I often change the (PGC) block attributes of a menu so that still time is infinity rather than 0 (or more seconds). I find that if I then run the debugger and it goes to that menu, it ‘overshoots’ the menu block and displays just a black screen with buttons showing and nothing else, except a ‘no video present’ message.

Interestingly this problem does not occur when running the debugger in DVDRemake 3.5.3.

Is there a solution so that full menus are displayed in the debugger even if still times are set to infinity?

I have uploaded examples (in a rar) to a file sharing site. The link to this file is:


Yeah, it’s a bug, but unfortunately this is probably the last version so there won’t be any fixes. What you can do is undo the last debug step, i.e. ‘block 1’, to see the menu content.


Sometimes I do go back one step to the last block in the debug run and can then see the menu. Unfortunately I can’t then check any buttons (as if the debugger was frozen) - the debugger seems to only be able to navigate from the very last action.

What I sometimes do is switch over to DVDRemake version 3.53 and check the menu buttons from there. I would use the debugger in version 3.53 exclusively except that it doesn’t have a simulation of remote buttons so I can’t check if menu commands are going to work ok on a remote.

Interesting that you note that DVDRemake may now never be updated. I would have thought that there was a good and increasing demand for this product. Of course, someone else may come out with an even better, and similarly user friendly application. It would be great to find one that enables menus to be given minor tweaks to their graphics, rather than having to export the subpictures and go through the major hassle of having to import these into, say, Photoshop, modify them then export again into a DVD-making program then finally back into DVDRemake.