Debugger error

I contacted Erwin already, but he doesn’t have the answer…
So maybe someone else can help me out?
Trying to run DVD2One 1.21 i run into:


“protection error”
Debugger detected - please close down and restart

windows NT users: please note that having the WinIce/SoftIce service installed means that you are running a debugger!


I cannot find a debugger on my WIN XP PRO SP1 syst.
I have no clue what to remove or uninstall…

any ideas?


Most likely there’s programm running and having a system hook on your os.

Have you tried running a recent and good virusscanner (not mcafee, but kaspersky or something like that) ?

…looks like a f%$^&&#ing virus slipped through my NAV…
system went down 3 days ago.

after reiinstalling everything i got it working, incl dvd2one!

not the nicest way, but ok.

still have no clue but thanks for the reply

Dre :eek:

It should NOT be necessary to reinstall “everything” to use dvd2one. Erwin should remove the code he put in version 1.2.1 that gives this message. Kapersky says no virus but I get the debugger error message with no debugger present.

Unfortunaly it NOT erwin who put the code in there!

There’s a problem with our 3rd party protection software we use, and is being fixed as we speak.

But it only happens on systems with installed software, that means that some programm has a debuger hook on your system. That doesn’t mean you have to worry, but most normal programs don’t have systemhooks laying out.

Thanks for the reply. When will the fixed version be available?
Will it be

I just have the same problem…
and the solution was to remove divx 5.1 an install the 5.11 release…