Debug Assertion Failed - ShrinkTo5_SC



impossible to compile ShrinkTo5 with 2003 [](find here)
help me pleases.

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This is a debug assertion, not a compilation error. You may click on “Recommencer” and explore the call stack (ALT+7). Trace the call stack back up (actually down on the screen) to the first call from your program and double click on this line. The debugger takes you to the source code line after the call that caused the assertion deep within in the call stack.


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veils but I don’t always understand

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When the assertion hits and you pressed “Recommencer”, press ALT+7 (or in menu pick View->Debug Window->Call Stack. A docked or floating call stack window should be displayed.

Read the list in the call stack window from top to bottom and imagine that each call is a function call. Find the first line that starts with a class name or global function name of your project. Double-click on this line.

The code line right before the displayed line is the one that finally caused the assertion. Maybe it is a ShowWindow or something like that. Try to find out for what reason this command fails.


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