Debro's World! (56Ker's beware)

Dreams or Nightmares, Good or evil, Wonderland or Supernatural, Hot or Cold, Paradise or Hell, Dildos:Purple or Bust, Fairies or Trolls, …

This is your chance to define my world … so …

Define Debro’s world!


errr is debro a guy? if so whats with all the fairies :confused: maybe its just be but i seem to think that everyone on here is a guy and that the only girls are s.s and arachne.

Fine then! :rolleyes:
Fairy in the boob-tube removed. :sad:
Must people down on everything :clap:

Oi wheres the boobs

Dude! You are defining the world! post your own boobs! … No wait!
I’ll clarify that! You post girls boobs!

ROTFL :bigsmile:

I think there’s a little bit of everything in your world so bring back the BOOBS!!

but of course you can’t forget we are evil twins

haha you asked for it:

I think they are pointing towards Australia! :slight_smile:

Hey - so thats where the purple dildo has been for last couple of years eh?

Debro is gona take over the world … just see how he`s gona do it … take a look :

I was having a bad hair day … so sue me :stuck_out_tongue:

your world defined in one website lol

On that subject … one of my sisters dildos went missing … it turned up when one of her flatmates was kicked out … one of two items left in the the room …

Don’t even think about asking what the second item was …

Thinks about it
What was the second item? :smiley:

Thinks about it*
Can i meet your sister?

Sure … I’ll send her to Greece.
Apparently she couldn’t walk down the street where she was living, without seeing someone she’d already “Met”, so she moved to brissy. I can’t foresee that much time passing between now and when she’s “Met” so many blokes (and possibly women) up there and experiences the same problem again :stuck_out_tongue:
Then I can send her to Greece :stuck_out_tongue:

A gooey plastic coated wire coat-hangar.
Damnit! No you’ve made ME think about it. Ewwwww.

well… welcome to the world of Nonesense, sensory serenity and insane senselessness!!!
in fewer words…
Duh? What the…!!!

good movie [B]KickF[/B] :wink:

Okay! Lunch breaks over!

Everyone back on your heads :stuck_out_tongue: