Debian linux

ive just bought a 7cd set of debian 3.0

i have mandrake 9 running right now love it.

the reason i bought debian set was im on dialup and
i studied and found debian to be the most plentiful of programs(7cds to start thats alot!) and totally devoted
to freeware development

can anyone share their experience with debian?tell me about the good and the bad.for instance i would use redhat but it doesnt support mp3 format but mandrake does.tell me all about debian!!

redhat doesnt natively support mp3, you mean? im sure that someone, somewhere, somehow, has a way to make it support mp3’s ;). sorry, but i have no debian experience. i just got around to putting mandrake on, and i forgot to hide the partition from winxp, so i might get around to putting mandrake on a 2nd time this weekend