Debating Switching From 1693s to 160P6s




Debating the switch to the new 160P6s with all the new burning programs and firmwares-

However - really like the performance of my 1693s and the great burns that I am getting - especially on my 4x +R Ricoh R01’s and the Taiyo Yuden 8x +R T02’s-

Interested in opinions from fellow freaks-




I’ve shelved my 1693S. The results I get from the 5S and 6S drives across a wide range of media is impressive and the 6S drive is fast, especially at 12x. I’m not going to say you’ll get better burns with R01 and T02 at stock speeds, that may depend on the actual drive you get, but I know you will get better burns at 8x with R01 and 12x with T02 out of the box, with no patching required. :wink: If you check out the old 165H6S test firmware thread you will see a couple of amazing scans of R01 at 8x. Also HT and OHT will help to prolong the life of your drive from a media compatibility and saleability point of view. I hope this helps.


Yo C0deKing-

Thank you for the informative and complete answer-

Just one more thing - is the 160P6s testing as good/reliable as the 1693s ?

Again - thank you very much-


edit btw - Newegg has them for $36 shipped on ‘One Day Sale’ today - bought one - couldn’t pass up the bargain-eh!


Glad to help. My first drive reported high PIEs but my second drive gives me results (using 8x scanning) that are comparable to my 1635S and I’ve had no strange effects with +R or -R. I have however noticed that the 6S drive and the latest test firmware, prefers the media to be eject and reloaded, before a quality scan is done.


You don’t need to eject the disc and reload it, it take much time. Next time you can try just close the NeroCDSpeed and reopen it again. I always did it that way and I think this may be a NeroCDSpeed problem, but I am not that sure. :wink:



Thanks again for all the great answers-

I found on my 1693s - that after a Nero test burn - had to open and reload the disc before doing the Disk Quality test - otherwise the results were [I]way[/I] different than Kprobe-

Looking forward to my new 160P6s toy-



Thanks for the tip. If that’s the case then selecting the drive from the drive list again may also have the same effect. Watch out though, as the burn scan is lost when you do this. :wink: This may also explain why the TRT tab still shows blank disc after the burn, as well…


Yo C0deKing-

Got my 160P6s with PS09 firmware installed this am - installed burner - and tested (as received - right outta the box)

R01 = QS of 95 with PIE’s of 11 max - total 10542 and PIF’s of 2 max - total 176

T02 = QS of 95 with PIE’s of 11 max - total 14383 and PIF’s of 2 max - total 29

Needless to say - I am one happy camper with this new drive-

Now to do some tweaking-

Thanks again-



Excellent results. Pleased to hear it Mike.