Debating between two DVD burners, help would be appreciated

I am debating between two DVD burners. I had plextor 712A and I had no complaints beside the fact it cost a lot of money. Anyway, my 712 broke and i Need a new burner.

I am debating between the 760A from plextor (120CDN) and the BenQ DW1655 which is about (50CDN). the 760 didn’t get awesome reviews and the pricepoint of 120CDN is a bit high. Secondly, the BenQ DW1655 received a better review (from this site) and its’ much much cheaper. I don’t want to spend too much because of the Blu-Ray technology that’s coming out.

I have one last question does the BenQ DW1655 support mount rainier? I couldn’t find it. Is this even an important factor to consider when buying DVD burners?

any thoughts would be nice.


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I have both & feel they’re two of the best. If not the best in their sections. The 760 with the latest f/w 1.03 is finally showing its pedegree. The 1655 is a good budget allrounder. 760 js the better reader/writer with DVD (just about) CD ( by quite a margin). Whether the price difference is justified is one for you to answer. If looking for short term or long term with the allowing that this purchase could be second string to a BR drive. The 1655 won’t disappoint.


thanks for the reply. DO you think much of the Blu-Ray technology? is it worth waiting to get a burner that supports one?

secondly, is the firmware upgrade from the 760 transform the burner in the prestige of the old plextor optical drives like the 712? did it make much of a difference?

Secondly, the BenQ burner is OEM. Is that any issue of which I should be concerned?

Any opinions would be appreciated.


Hi :slight_smile:
1st BR. I think it’s too early to say. Certainly in theory it sounds great.
2nd Plextor 760. For me with the latest f/w if burning 16x rated media @ 16x then the 760 is better. However @ 12x or 8x it’s less so. i.e. No better or worse. CDR might just be better on 712.AutoStrategy is a definate improvement with 760.
3rd BenQ. Whether oem or retail doesn’t matter in my experience. QSuite is available as a free dl so no loss really on s/w. Unless you don’t have Nero (but BenQ’s version is a Nero oem).