Debate on Iraq!

Salute our heroes and our fallen! Check it Out

Sure , there you go.

Bloody hell!!! Is that true???

OMG! That’s really much money…! They can spend that money much better on a charity or something!!

Of course that is true…
Here’s a real time statistic :

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Just follow the link to find out how the calculation was done AND what also could have been done with the money.

WATCH Fahrenheit 9/11!!!



Of course they can. But that would be too intelligent of a thing for Republicans, Bush and company, to do. Why fix the US economy, healthy system, school system, when you can start a war and created tons of money for your weapons and construction buddies? Why have surplus when you can use the US Treasury’s money to buy yourself votes by giving poor people a few hundred dollars in the name of tax refund.

Is it a good movie?

That can help South Korea to move its capital city from Seoul to Daejon which is going to cost a few times more. :iagree:

Same here in oz, but over here the government isn’t robin hood, it’s the sheriff of nottingham.

The Aussie Gov recently abolished the “tax free threshold” (which of course means people which have no money, now have to pay 25% tax on EVERYTHING) and increased the thresholds for the highest two brackets (ie $50K->$58K, & $80K+ which of course means people with lots of money now pay alot less tax)

Up the occer government.

Almost 120 billion now…

Yeah, only a matter of days.

They need to make another script to show how much of that 120 billion is going into Bush, family and friends’ pockets.

Just divide that amount by 5, and you’ll have

  1. Bush’s cut :slight_smile:
  2. Weapons buddys cut
  3. Army/naval/airforce cut
  4. Bush’s friends & family cut
  5. Bribes cut :wink:

There we have it $120 billion.:frowning:

Which Madness ?

The Iraq War, Terrorists, or Human in general ? :cool:

Bush N Company.

Ok. Then im wondering what should have been done after 9/11, and what should have been done during the preceding 20 years?