Death of PS3's "Other OS" feature upsets Air Force



I just posted the article Death of PS3’s “Other OS” feature upsets Air Force.

Sony didn’t just enrage Linux-loving gamers when it removed the Playstation 3’s “Other OS” feature, as the U.S. Air Force and several universities are also hurt by the decision.

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The sad part is… removing OtherOS probably won’t keep off piracy in the ps3 in the long run, probably just ended up pissing off the regular paying customers.


The real problem lies in the Taliban using PS3 consoles and linking the UAV feeds. Note the latest near miss missile strikes. Sony disables the Other OS, and takes a tool away from the fanatic warriors. You didn’t hear from me!


Well, I heard it from you; but I forgot it just as quickly. What, bin Laden can’t afford a Mac?

What did frighten me was reading some time ago that the military in Northern Europe was using Microsoft! Surely that was for non-strategic purposes.


Well you know those military types, they just lose those MS laptops all the time. Even little Dutch kids exploit their networks… LMBO!!!