Dear it possible?

As you know there is this new copy protection based on the
mastering errors.

Most of these DVD’s can be copied easily with clone DVD but for
example with The Missing there is a small problem.

I copied the disk the following:

Any DVD enabled (as the DVD has CSC protection)
Clone DVD using the copy titles option
I marked all titles
I marked with Menu
Then I had to cut Chapter one of Title 1
and had to leave Title 2 completly (Title 2 is only an alternate ending so
no problem to leave it completly. I had to leave it as in the end of this title there is another mastering error)

Doing it this way you can copy the disc without problem but there is
one thing.

I have to cut the whole chapter one of title one as with the scissors I
can only select chapters, but the last two cells of chapter one do
already contain the pre-title of the movie and first two seconds of
sound and title 2 I had to remove completly as it consits of one chapter only.

Now my question… is it possible to change the scissor function to handle
cells instead of chapters???

Would be great :slight_smile: