Dear Dolphinus: Sony MIJ vs. MIT

Over in this older thread:


You said the following:

“…Sony’s Japanese made media was actually not as good as their media made by Daxon in many cases…”

Can you expand upon this? Was this an overall statement, or did only apply to certain speeds? I’ve never seen anyone make such a claim before. The general anecdotal consensus is that Sony’s own MIJ media is at minimum as good as it’s MIT media made by either Daxon or Lead Data, if not better, and certainly never worse.

Well for starters, that was before we noticed the lifespan issues from the MIT stuff, so I’m not sure that’s a fair assessment anymore.

I wonder if I can still find my small amount of Sony MIJ (non-TY) discs to make a comparison now… (I’ve been cleaning my room lately, so this is not exactly stellar timing).

I have Sony D21 MIJ and Sony D11 MIT , I can make some comparisons but don’t know whether comparing 16X to 8X media even by the same manufacturer is a good thing or not

Probably not lol. I wouldn’t even dream of comparing MCC03RG20 to MCC02RG20. Very different discs IMO but both work nice :slight_smile:

In my experience, the Sony D21 MIT discs came out with somewhat more numerous PI error totals than their MIJ counterparts - but both are well within the standard for DVD Video discs. I have yet to test the long-term reliability of either the MIT or the MIJ D21 discs.

I can confirm that MIJ D21 are very good and haven’t degraded for 1+ year :slight_smile:

I bought some MIT Sony D21 DVD+R discs, the initial scans are not bad. Anyone know about their longevity? I live in very dry climate and the discs are always stored in doors. Can they last 5+ years? Thanks.