Deamontools - alcohol 120 - gamedrive...issues

I have used game drive as a virtual emulator for some time now and just recently thought about doing backups instead since it seems game drive is a little behind the curve on these new games coming out lately.

I did a search and found recommendations for alcohol 120% and deamon tools, both of which I installed.

I made an image copy of manhunt pc with alcohol 1:1 and tried to use deamon tools to emulate it and I came up with an error message “conflict with game emulator software detected” and it doesnt run.

I tried turning off gamedrive and it still exists - email sent off to, but its only been a day and no answer.

Has anyone else run into this ?
Anyone have any links or ideas they’d like to share about the situation?

I’m a complete noobe when it comes to this obviously, and I am still trying to read through the faqs on burning backups, so I apologise if this is already covered somewhere and I havent seen it yet.

If it matters, hardware wise I am using the i/o magic repackaged BTC dvdrw 1008im dvd burner with latest firmware ( 0258 ).

I am also willing to swap around software programs if ad different bundle would provide better results; I am still in the trial phase of software choices and have some flexibility.

Thanks for any help you can give guys.

You do not need alcohol and daemon tools installed at same time as the author of daemon tools is a developer for alcohol. Therefore daemon tools is apart of alcohol and that is why daemon tools only allows 4 virtual drives. It is in direct competion with alcohol which u have to pay for where as daemon is free.

Next, you are getting that message because alcohol is probably balcklisted but hopefully as daemon tools has just been updated it should be ok. So for it to work you will need to uninstall alcohol (or you can select 0 virtual drives) dunno if this works the same as uninstalling though.

Next, i’m not sure if alcohol at present can copy securom 5 games so have a look in their forum. If it can then it should play with just deamon tools installed.

If that all fails try bw as i know this can copy securom 5.

little confused…

Ok, uninstall alcohol leaves me with no way of burning backups or making image files, so thats bad and to be avoided.

I set virtual drives to zero off of deamon tools ( which is the virtual drive I am using for the image) and then I obviously cant use my image file of manhunt to play.

I’ve only had these progies for two days, but if one has to go wouldnt it be deamon tools then?

Did I possibly not really understand the answer, and you ment basically that these softwares cannot emulate manhunt at this time at all?

I can still play the game when I insert my original cd into the drive, but I really would rather use an image or backup copy at this point.

The whole reason I am here is because I just got pretty frustrated at resinstalling my OS and a bunch of games I loved had scratches and damage to them that didnt allow full proper installs afterwards - I have to rebuy several of them now and that just sucks; even that disc restorer thing I bought didnt fix these guys.

sorry, i didn’t express myself very well…

If you keep alcohol installed you will have to set it’s virtual drive to 0. making alcohol just a burning programming and no emulation.

Instead of using alcohol virtual drive (which is blacklisted) u use daemon tools virtual drive (which is not blacklisted). Here you mount the image made by alcohol.

At the moment i don’t know if alcohol can emulate manhunt because there hasn’t been an update for quite a bit , so if it works as is, then you’ll be very lucky.

Hope that explains it better

Thank you for the clarification.

I set alcohol to zero drives and ran the image off of daemon tools but to no avail - still same error.

There is a possibility that I messed up when I burned the image ( my first try at a 1:1 copy with alcohol ) or I guess it is also likely that these programs just dont support this copy protection yet.

I’ll have to play a bit and see what I can do tomorrow.

I guess manhunt may be a lost cause , hopefully my older games arent :)-

May I assume from the remark about alcohol/daemon tools not being updated in a while, that these programs are being left behind by newer copy protections?

If this is the case, is their a newer program out there that is available which can handle these protections?

Just wondering…

Daemon tools was updated recently, and alcohol is on the verge of an update, so no, neither are being left behind.

If you are still getting that message what other programs do you have installed?

However a program i know that copies secrom 5 is blindwrite. You might want to give that a try.

Oh i also forgot, another very good way to backu manhunt is to patch it with a program called twinpeaks. This will create a real cd that should work without any emulation. Give this a try also.

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