Deals Column

What happened to the Deals column? It was stuck on Sept. 25 before you switched to the new format.

Why do you not have a way to contact management with questions like the above one?

I tried to contact management about the Deals column in the old format.
All I got was a “form” answer, which did not answer the question and was no help.

The Deals column had similar problems once before and I emailed management about the problem. A couple of days later I received a reply saying they were aware of the problem and were working on it. It was soon fixed. A way to communicate like this would be helpful now.

If I have placed this in the wrong place or missed a way to communicate problems, please accept my apology. I did not know where else to go.



You can ask questions like this in the ‘CD Freaks’ Forum Talk’ area, which is found in the lower division of the main forum page.

I’ll transfer your question there…

Edit: Hmmm… maybe I can’t do this at the moment. If you’d like to ask your question in ‘Forum Talk’, then I’ll delete this one.

Edit 2: OK found out how.

[I][B]Moved to ‘Forum Talk’…[/B][/I]