Dealing with errors in the master

Just a question for the experts here.

Occasionally I have come across a commercial DVD I am trying to backup which throws an error at the same place every time and CloneDVD, and all other baclup programs, will bomb out. You may even be able to see the error when viewing the movie on your player and no amount of cleaning and polishing will improve the result.

In these cases is it just a case of grin and bear it and accept the fact that the master is not copyable or is there some way to configure CloneDVD to ignore the error and carry on with the rest of the movie accepting that there will be a glitch at the error point?


No, Clone can’t, but you can set DVD Decrypter to ignore errors - go into settings.

It could be the layer break…do you have the latest version of CloneDVD? Are you using Anydvd? Try the latest of both and see if that helps.

I doubt very much any program, including the latest ClonedDVD any AnyDVD will help.
I agree with Agent 007’s suggestion of setting DVD Decrypter to ignore errors as the only possible solution. I’ve had a few of those defective discs (badly scratched) and nothing worked. Even Windows Explorer would freeze if you tried copying the files directly to the hard drive.
Also tryed DVD Decrypter with retry, used the retry on some discs over 1000 attempts and it couldn’t copy it. I’m afraid only solution is ignore errors and have some flaws in the finished product. I’ve tried many suggestions on how to fix scratched discs such as tooth paste as a cleaner, then using Pledge furniture polish to fill in the scratches,
nothing worked for me.