Dealing with a scratched DVD

I have been searching for hours and I am at a loss. I figure this topic has been dealt with before, but I can not find an answer for it.

I am trying to back up one of my DVDs that has been “kid tortured”. I am have extracted some content (some of the .vob files).

My question is if I have partial VOB files, can I just burn them to a new dvd? Or do I have to manipulate the files in some manner to correct the fact that they are partial?


I can’t image that partial files will play.
What did you use to get them to the hard drive? I haven’t worked with many scratched dvd’s, just a couple, but DVDShrink wouldn’t work well with them. I used DVDDecrypter and they did ok—at least well enough to burn new ones.

DVD’s are much like cd’s in this respect. you can go to a computer store or staples or buisness deop or office deop and buy a cd restore utility. one is called disc doctor. it repairs the scratches by buffing the cd. as ling as the metal foil inside ins not scratched or there are tons of circular scratches then it should work. it may take 10 mins or so of pure ‘elbow grease’ but it should work in most cases. i think its about $30 cdn

yes try the disc doctor I use it all the time my 6 year old drags the disc’s accross my carpet:rolleyes: and it works fine after I do it to play in the playstation 2 player:cool:I use them for both playstation and dvd movie’s

also after you buff the disk out, you can try using an app like IsoBuster to read the disk onto a HDD image file… You can set it for the number of retries, etc…

Plus when you do that, read it in your DVD burner as they can usually get data that a DVD reader can’t.

Works for me on difficult disks often enough to worth trying. You just need patience.