I have been on Liquid’s mailinglist earlier.
The last post i got was something about that they should quit
they’r business. Since then (It’s been a while) i haven’t got any
post from them :frowning: so i don’t know where to find them.
Can anyone help me with this ?? :slight_smile:
Can’t find Speedycrew either anymore :frowning:
These two dealers i have had VERY good experience with :wink:
Anyone help ???

Speedy Crew is busted, There are no upper-ground Dealers (who sell troug the net) alive !!!..

Im missing Liquid as well, according to their mailing-list they should not quit, but have a well earned vacation. Havent heard from them since late June. You will probably get some bla bla from the admin here about using the SEARCH function first, but unless you speak Dutch the results is of no use.

If someone here have some info about Liquid, please reply here in English. Or mail me at: